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  1. Is there a way to set the offset x/y position of an animation like you can the light? I.E. I want the animation to play above the head of the player casting the spell without having to massively increase each spell animation image to account for the offset. This can be done with the lights in Animation Editor, but not the animation sprite itself (as far as I can see)
  2. Are you guys verifying that the output folder exists and is empty? I've had no problems, thanks JC
  3. this ^ I also have a 3 hour long start-to finish of creating a mod menu script, injecting into Enter the Gungeon, and finding/scripting hacks for the menu I am uploading now.... probably won't post it here unless someone wants to see it.... It was done with a Unity-based game and injected using DNSpy (C# .NET decompiler/compiler)
  4. LOVE IT... He's been around since before myself and has contributed so much already (I'm not just talking financially). This ^ lol Congrats to Panda, JC, and Kibbelz all around!
  5. I'd like to see one on Z-Layers as well when you get around to it. I understand the concept but for some reason can not get it to function properly (I'm sure I'm just making a dumb, uneducated mistake... and may even figure it out by the time you get around to it... would still be nice for others.)
  6. Then Day/Night should not be affecting map. Do remember, however, that if you are inside with 0 lights; it will be pitch black all the time.
  7. Virtual Machine? What OS are you running behind the VM? How to fix (If on Linux): Follow JCs guide to running the server natively instead of on a Virtual Machine.... If client is being run from Linux: Stop running the client from Linux, this is a Windows project, If not Linux: Provide more details (If you ARE running linux provide more details anyway like which flavor etc.) As for the firewall: If this connection was made on the server PC itself, this doesn't matter. If you made the connection remotely, you did not provide that detail... (see previous line of this reply) PS: Activate Windows
  8. LOL Phenomenal, That's a terrible thing to say Does not work in trial, I'll use as-is and whip something up in C# later this is definitely nice though.
  9. You, sir, are a God! Thanks a ton EDIT: Sorry about the MFA question, I see it's linked in the OP. Great, I get to learn yet another programming language/ide! That isn't sarcastic, btw, I'm serious. Trying to expand my reach outside of the shitty world of BASIC.
  10. Yup, sure is LOL thanks a billion as far as being a messy coder, it makes the experience more enjoyable
  11. Just needs a dummy resource\config.xml file so if you create that, then this will work for anything. In Launcher config rename "Intersect Client" with "Your Game Client.exe" without the .exe extension. Also note, (FEATURE REQUEST), that this will not create a folder so if a folder does not exist it needs to be created before launching the patcher or your files will not save locally. Just tested with an app I developed and works fine. Although now I need to tweak this and remove the Check Box for full screen, Edit Boxes for Resolution and Frame cap, and music sliders, but thats easily done with some NOPs Is source available? this is very easily convertible into a stand-alone all-around patcher..... Thanks for tool I'll use it as-is if necessary for now (albeit everything I do with this will have a resource\config.xml file even if not intersect lawlz)
  12. So basically... roadmap progression as soon as Season 6 ends Take your time, good things aren't rushed anyway
  13. @PhenomenalDev they were completely freestyle with no goal or target in mind. Figured I would put them in where they fit in. Thanks for the input and suggestive comment. Mii Plaza lol!
  14. Yeah it definitely needs some change-ups and a lot of polish. Appreciate the feedback
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