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  1. LOVE IT... He's been around since before myself and has contributed so much already (I'm not just talking financially). This ^ lol Congrats to Panda, JC, and Kibbelz all around!
  2. I'd like to see one on Z-Layers as well when you get around to it. I understand the concept but for some reason can not get it to function properly (I'm sure I'm just making a dumb, uneducated mistake... and may even figure it out by the time you get around to it... would still be nice for others.)
  3. Then Day/Night should not be affecting map. Do remember, however, that if you are inside with 0 lights; it will be pitch black all the time.
  4. Virtual Machine? What OS are you running behind the VM? How to fix (If on Linux): Follow JCs guide to running the server natively instead of on a Virtual Machine.... If client is being run from Linux: Stop running the client from Linux, this is a Windows project, If not Linux: Provide more details (If you ARE running linux provide more details anyway like which flavor etc.) As for the firewall: If this connection was made on the server PC itself, this doesn't matter. If you made the connection remotely, you did not provide that detail... (see previous line of this reply) PS: Activate Windows
  5. LOL Phenomenal, That's a terrible thing to say Does not work in trial, I'll use as-is and whip something up in C# later this is definitely nice though.
  6. You, sir, are a God! Thanks a ton EDIT: Sorry about the MFA question, I see it's linked in the OP. Great, I get to learn yet another programming language/ide! That isn't sarcastic, btw, I'm serious. Trying to expand my reach outside of the shitty world of BASIC.
  7. Yup, sure is LOL thanks a billion as far as being a messy coder, it makes the experience more enjoyable
  8. Just needs a dummy resource\config.xml file so if you create that, then this will work for anything. In Launcher config rename "Intersect Client" with "Your Game Client.exe" without the .exe extension. Also note, (FEATURE REQUEST), that this will not create a folder so if a folder does not exist it needs to be created before launching the patcher or your files will not save locally. Just tested with an app I developed and works fine. Although now I need to tweak this and remove the Check Box for full screen, Edit Boxes for Resolution and Frame cap, and music sliders, but thats easily done with some NOPs Is source available? this is very easily convertible into a stand-alone all-around patcher..... Thanks for tool I'll use it as-is if necessary for now (albeit everything I do with this will have a resource\config.xml file even if not intersect lawlz)
  9. So basically... roadmap progression as soon as Season 6 ends Take your time, good things aren't rushed anyway
  10. @PhenomenalDev they were completely freestyle with no goal or target in mind. Figured I would put them in where they fit in. Thanks for the input and suggestive comment. Mii Plaza lol!
  11. Yeah it definitely needs some change-ups and a lot of polish. Appreciate the feedback
  12. Well, working on a couple music tracks for a project I am working on.... I'm no professional but figured I'd drop em here and get some kind of feedback. Track 01 - Item Shop Slop Track 02 - Its Just A Fantasy These are concepts, so changeups and fills will be added as well as extensions to the length.... enjoy
  13. Sounds good, I considered throwing a few together and putting em in the folders for the second play
  14. **BUGS** - This section I will post all the bugs I encountered 1: Character Sheet not drawing correctly for a fresh created character for some reason the app is trying to cast a string where a bitmap is detected. Game continues fine when clicking Continue to ignore. 2: Trying to inspect an item in the inventory menu creates an error Easy fix... the item images are not in the "items\" subfolder, but the "data\items\" subfolder 3: Hermaphrodite characters are only generating male names (and should select between both male and female I believe...unless this is intended) 4: Grammatical and spelling errors Not really too important during this phase of development but something to look into if you want an increased player base at a final release. If you are foreign and need help later down the road send me a string dump, I will help in this area 5: New Item: Clay (0) ... this is not a new item (If itemsFound > 0) 6: The second time I opened my character sheet, the Belongings tab showed I have no items in my inventory. This is game breaking I can no longer consume or equip items. (fix suggestion is in bug 7) 7: Finding a new item (I dug for clay) with the character sheet open, refreshed my item list! Use the command that refreshes item list from this section of code and reference it in the Create Character Sheet Form to fix bug above. 8: Craft window needs to close to be refreshed (have it refresh when a new item is obtained like the character sheet does) 9: Clicking items in belongings list (The first click is fine, but when you select a second item to inspect during the same form it errors.) It is creating the following exception: check code to see why it is not updating with the proper item index. 10: Not really a bug but I'm playing on a laptop (has no numpad) so an alternate way of moving? I literally stood 2 days at the wreck site for all the previous bugs logged LOL...opening on-screen keyboard to continue 11: Walked two tiles and got this exception: No clue here you probably do, though... maybe progress going -1 because I'm dying...I did just stand by water until near death LOL! EDIT: Yep as soon as I clicked "Continue" to ignore the exception it popped up and said you died My next life I will be able to walk though! 12: Occasionally movement just stopped working for me, had to click "Walk, Run, or Sprint" to resume functionality should capture keyboard input regardless of which part of the form is active for movement I will find more I'm sure as I play but as far as the actual game, I'm loving it after getting over the annoying bugs. Bugs were expected though as it is an early release, and I will be following this project for sure. First form-based game I enjoyed since the old-school Dope Wars. Keep it up, and sorry for the extensive list (and in advanced for the next list LOL) Good work!
  15. Yes, sir! Please tag me if you release a herme fix (because what is life with only one sex organ!) Booting it up to play some more now and put in a few hours this time, want to dive into this as it seems deep. I want to go through some of this rape stuff too lol!
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