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  1. this registers this site is inaccessible
  2. after I have to put my default address in the search bar?
  3. Hello for my server after changing my udp activate my upn and authorize all firewalls my server is still not accessible to the public do you have an explanation?
  4. gillous

    port udp

    unfortunately it still does not work
  5. gillous

    port udp

    but after changing the udp port will everything i did on the editor be deleted or not ??
  6. gillous

    port udp

    yes the server was offline during configuration
  7. gillous

    port udp

    unfortunately it does not work
  8. gillous

    port udp

    and in which folder can your change the udp port
  9. where do i find the server port and what is it ?
  10. ok thank you and then i don't understand how to do the button
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