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  1. AisenArvalis's post in What is Ability and Speed was marked as the answer   
    Ability Power is a stat you can use for scaling up skills/spells.
    For example, if a skill has a base damage of 10 and a ability power scaling of 25% while the character has 10 ability power it would look like this
    10 + (10*0.25) = 12.5

    Speed is a stat that affects movement speed and attack speed unless said weapon/class/skill has a static attack speed.
  2. AisenArvalis's post in Update was marked as the answer   
    It's constantly being worked on and now that source has been released MANY people are working on patches and improvement.
  3. AisenArvalis's post in Access to \onlinecount as an ingame integer? was marked as the answer   
    Got a fix for this. It's a little roundabout because of how Intersect handles variables.
    Make a Global Variable of String type and call it "Online Players String" (Or w/e you wanna call it)
    Make another Global Variable of Integer type this time, I'm calling it "Online Players Int" with the variable ID of "onlineplayers"
    Make a Common Event with the trigger "Login"
    Set Variable > Online Players String = \onlinecount                             This will set this variable to be equal to the onlinecount
    Set Variable > Online Players Int = Online Players String                     I know this looks weird, but trust me, it'll make the variable = to onlinecount just fine.
    Conditional Branch (Online Players Int > X)                                           This will now function just fine.
  4. AisenArvalis's post in How can i move this scrollbar? was marked as the answer   
    Change the Bounds section of "CreditsScrollview" in CreditsWindow.json located in resources/gui/layouts/menu 
    Also this belongs in Questions and Answers, not Connectivity Support
  5. AisenArvalis's post in How to ban a player in the server console? was marked as the answer   
    From the looks of it you did it correctly, let me see if I can replicate it.
    EDIT: Got it to work.
    You need to do this
    ban PlayerName # True/False "Reason"
    PlayerName - Actual Player Name of person you're banning
    # - Number of days banned
    True/False - Either True or False for IP-Ban or not.
    Make sure your reason for banning is in quotation marks.
  6. AisenArvalis's post in Help-me with a GUI was marked as the answer   
    To give an answer to this:
    In order to change the background color of that dropdown box, the file you're looking for is called: dropdownbg.png
  7. AisenArvalis's post in Day & Night Cycle not working? was marked as the answer   
    Depending on how much control you want over the lighting during day/night, you can set it to every 12 hours (Change at 12PM/12AM), every 6 hours (12PM, 6PM, 12AM, 6AM (My preferred settings)) or however many hours you want to do this on, I'm going to write this in assumption that you're gonna use 6 Hour intervals.
    My settings are the following:
    12:00AM-6:00AM Black Color - 0% Brightness (Very Dark)
    6:00AM-12:00PM Yellowish Color - 50% Brightness (Morning)
    12:00PM-6:00PM White Color - 0% Brightness (Somehow this makes it normal day time)
    6:00PM-12:00AM Darkish Orange 20% Brightness (Evening)
    This works for me at least, you can tweak it a bit too
  8. AisenArvalis's post in I can't define a question for that. Thanks! was marked as the answer   

    Here's a couple of good ones I've heard of. I have personal experience with both Advanced Installer & Inno Setup, they're good and customizable so you can change what is being installed and be easily bundle .NET with the game.
  9. AisenArvalis's post in Speech was marked as the answer   
    You are absolutely correct, I just found it myself.

    In the MainWindow.json (Resources/gui/layouts/menu/)

    There is a part on
    "LoginButton": { "ClickSound: null } I imagine changing the null to a soundfile within your sounds folder would enable the click sound, like a voice saying "Login" etc.

    I'm sorry Gibier for my ignorant response to begin with.
    And of course this can be applied to any of the buttons that has the option of ClickSound I suppose, even the in game buttons and such.
  10. AisenArvalis's post in Class evolution was marked as the answer   
    Eventing system has a "Change Class" Parameter you can use for this.
  11. AisenArvalis's post in How to change font color? was marked as the answer   
    In the JSON file, change
    "TextColor": "255,255,255,255" to "TextColor": "255,0,255,0" for Green.
    It follows standard ARGB (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue)
    At least to my knowledge. Haven't tested as I'm not at my PC to test it.
    I don't believe you can change the map title on a per map basis.
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