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  1. Im pretty sure Events are broken Maybe it's just 6.1, but the Event System is very flawed... Sometimes things work, sometimes not.
  2. Im not on the development build. I have the latest stable build, but that answers my question thanks!
  3. Changing maps and using the 'e' attack key causes the music to stop playing. I'm using 6.1 so this may have been fixed? Is this on my end or a bug?
  4. So far, this is working well. I am testing with a party on the same PC with multiple clients - do you think there will be different outcome with other clients connected over a server? or should be the same? Not sure if the latency would effect things.
  5. I tried it with resetting the variable. It did not work still. Though I have the solution now thanks to @Joyce Testing now, has worked multiple times. Just going to make sure its 100%
  6. Good idea. I will try that. The event system seems to be pretty strange when it comes to NPC spawning. Setting variables always works, but spawning NPCs doesnt. Nor does the 'release player' function.
  7. hahaha right? I did what you said, and it worked 1 time. but on the second try it did the same thing. Ill try to post my results tomorrow. Still working on it.
  8. actually it just multiplied again... wtf
  9. Solved: Common Event" 'Runic Run 1' needs a wait timer + change to 'Runic Active' variable to 2. I put this after the 1st NPC spawns. I will make a tutorial for this event soon after final testing is done. Thank you @Weylon Santana for coming up with a solution!
  10. Wow! I think that may have been the solution! Changing the variable to '2' after the first NPC spawn seems to have stopped the multiplier. I will do some testing and post the results.
  11. I took out the entire 'timer' function as it was redundant to the main event 'Runic Run 1', same thing happened. If i set the trigger to none, it wont run at all. I've changed things around to not have 'Runic Run 1' start with a conditional branch, same thing happened. I also had the main event rigger a timer that would then trigger the 'Runic Run 1' - same problem. I will keep working on it. I appreciate the help!
  12. Messing with the events i found that adding a Textbox Text (the box that appears on screen, not the players chatbox) seems to 'release' players even during an event hold. Maybe this can be a work around?
  13. Yes, if I set it to trigger: none, The event would stop at the next conditional branch. But you and @AisenArvalis sparked my thoughts again, I might have a solution. (testing now) EDIT: Nope, even working around the autorun trigger caused the same problem.
  14. Yeah, this is what I thought, I just dont know how to work around it.
  15. Thanks, any help is appreciated @Weylon Santana
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