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  1. Damage over time spells do the same thing. (DoT stays after death). I'm assuming its the same bug.
  2. This type of event system has a lot of flaws and it will break when your server restarts/crashes. I had a system that worked well for single and group instances. Though the event system will not hold up through any server restarts and you'd have to manually refresh the variables. As well the event tick timer has some odd logic to it that makes it 'random' when running too many conditional branches. I'd be happy to see a real working one. EDIT: you can see it being done here:
  3. Yep, an item set as 'Event' running a common event with with 'giveitem' commands. It wont be the 'Bag' type item though.
  4. I recently set up a Amazon S3, and I made it public. I am getting an error updating, it looks like it's looking for .pngs I removed. (I removed the Intersect Sprite Gen and it's assets) How do I fix this?
  5. Where did this go? This is what I am looking for lol
  6. I recently converted my maps to mostly LPC assets. Here is an overview of the difference: (Still in heavy development) The area shown is 725 maps in total The forest boarder is temporary and will be removed after Closed Alpha testing.
  7. A Guild and/or Auction House system would benefit most developers on Intersect. Other common requests are: Pet/Summon System, Allowing NPC's to trigger events, Character Customization screen, and Skill Screen. They are all pretty major requests, but definitely would be very appreciated by most.
  8. Finally got a Party Instance to work in the Event System. -Mobs don't 'double' for each player. -Works with Single Player or Party -Item needed to enter. -Reward on Boss Death -Timer -Instance Lock -Logout / Death / Idle / Server Crash - the instance will reset. I will make a tutorial once I'm sure there are no major flaws. *Don't mind the very plain and generic NPC and Map, was just testing
  9. You would need to make icons of the actual paperdolls, assuming that is what you mean.
  10. Deepspring (WIP) An ancient forest tucked into a valley, it's told the purest of water comes from it's natural waterfalls. Strange formations made of stone are scattered among the trees, their meanings lost in time. Deepspring is home to Ents, Wild Monkeys, and other wild creatures.
  11. Can you post an image?
  12. Can you elaborate on your question? Are you talking about making paperdolls, or the character selection screen showing the paperdolls? or something else?
  13. Nice! I love the graphics you added to show the progress.
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