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  1. Amazon S3. They have a free tier that is sufficient for testing.
  2. Probably best to undo what you did to make it happen. Looks like some colors were changed.
  3. You can change that in your Server > Config file.
  4. I had to create all the other animations for the Bow and many other assets. If you have some basic photoshop skills its not too hard - just time consuming.
  5. I will refer you to this recent thread which I link 2 methods to do this:
  6. Not directly without editing source. Though, there is a pretty simple work around that might work for your needs: 1. Create a Player Variable. (I will call mine: 'BonusEXP') 2.Create an Item called 'EXP Token' set it to currency. 3a. Create a Common Event called "Give Bonus EXP - NPC Name" for each NPC. 2b. Set Common Event to Give Item > EXP Token (amount) 4. Set each NPC's Common Event on Death to that specific NPC's Common Event in step 3.
  7. This feature is not possible without editing the source.
  8. Added animations for Attack/Shoot/Cast. (Based on LPC assets) Also, I think I upset the guard :X
  9. That would be the best start to take, you will most likely have to update the code. Diagonal movement is not a base feature for this engine, so you will have to code it in yourself or hire someone to do so.
  10. Here is a good place to start:
  11. This bug has appeared again on the same items, so I will cross off my temp fix. ( Bug is ow displaying +1 extra defense on items in shops.)
  12. I am in your position and I can tell you this: The engine provides most basic features to create a 2D 'MMO'. But if you are looking to do something specific, you'll have to edit source or hire someone to do so. There is a lack of documentation; though I think it is more then off-set by a friendly community that doesn't mind answering the same questions over and over again. My personal suggestion would to just start playing around with things, trial and error is a very effective way to learn new skills. ( I spent 4 hours editing 1 piece of GUI cause I suck at it, but still felt rewarding after i figured it out on my own after many failed attempts. Start a small game, don't go big, it will most likely not live very long and you will learn all you need for your next one. Most people here have spent years on their games and most never see the light of day. Enjoy the process or hire people to do it.
  13. There is a community made GUI editor: This is also a good tutorial on editing the GUI manually though the JSON files: I believe the format for the numbers is (Position x, Position Y, Size X, Size Y) But take that with a grain of salt, I haven't touched the editor in some time.
  14. This strange bug/error has has been haunting me for the longest time and might have to do with old items. Version: 7.0.124 - 7.0.126 Error Description: Shops Display Wrong Stats on Equipment Items. (Items displayed correctly after purchase) 1. At first it would show +2 attack on all items that had 0 for their attack stats. (So all Armours showed +2 Attack that had no Attack Stat bonus) 2. After changing the the Currency Item that was needed to buy the item, it now showed +1 Defense on all Equipment Items if it had 0 for the stat. (So all weapons now showed +1 Def) 3. After changing the Currency Item once more, it finally displays all stats correctly. The only change made was adding a new item. (Bug has since re-appeared) I tried to see if any differences caused this bug and nothing did, which leads me to assume it may be an item bug. (I have been migrating since before Intersect 6.0.) I have temporary solved the issue as mentioned above, though I am not sure what else this might effect.
  15. Itching for that engine update ;)

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      Also anxious for it, anyone have an eta? :D

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      I heard someone mention 2026 at some point, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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