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  1. You can test this by running 2 clients at the same time and then running the event.
  2. I saw there is now an option in the dev branch to have sprite animation/cast/attack/shoot/weapon frames. How would I implement the animations into the game? (i.e. Do I add a new Sprite Sheet or add the animations to the existing one?)
  3. Make sure you have the music file in your client's music folder under resources. Go to your Server Folder. Go to Resource Folder Open file 'Config' Change the file name in the line: "MenuMusic": "PutTheMusicYouWantHere.ogg", and your done.
  4. Unfortunately not without coding. Only a suedo pet system has been made with events (You can summon an NPC and have it not attack you and attack other NPCs in its range - but that's all. It wont follow you or take any commands or what not.)
  5. I would be careful with copyright infringement when selling items on a game with established IP. Also a cash shop on an Alpha game is a red flag for most. Best of luck!
  6. I'm not exactly sure your question, but yes you can make multiple copies of the map and set up the event to change the map if it has a party already there. I have only set up a single instance, and if another player/party wants to use it, they must wait until the timer runs out or the current party finishes.
  7. As Meddy said, this is possible with events - it's just very time consuming and limited depending on what you want exactly. You can see previous discussion of it here:
  8. That's it. Blocked tiles will stop all entities from passing NPC Avoid tiles will stop only NPCs from passing and allow players to pass.
  9. Run a fresh copy and see if the problem persists. Then you'll have narrowed down if it is your machine or something you altered with the client/server.
  10. hmm, for some reason in the pre-release version, the dash block range is gone.
  11. Excuse me , How is an item linked to the chat?

  12. oh, good to know. It doesn't effect your client?
  13. I am not sure if this is suppose to be this way or is a bug: If a player dies from a Damage over Time (DOT) attack, they will respawn and still take damage from the spell until it finishes. This has been in the engine for a long time, so not sure if I am missing something or if this is intended or a bug. Is there a way to stop this as is?
  14. You can make a suedo Talent System with events. The main issue being an efficient way to allocate points. If the base engine increases the default 'Options' menu from 4 choices to 10+ (or to be able to set number in config) - then it would work much more effectively. I have a Skill Point system in my game: (Slashing, Blunt, Piercing, Magic, etc) -Randomly gain SP from killing NPCs (based on level of character/NPC) -A Skill Book you can open to allocate points via the 'Options' menu. -Gives player Skills depending on their skill level in that specific skill. it works decent enough, though the menu gets very 'clicky' since you can only add 4 options to a menu. Example: Option 1: Slashing Option 2: Blunt Option 3: Piercing Option 4: Page 2 Page 2 would list the next 3 skills and so on.
  15. Why can't I choose a birthday before 1901, though there are choice to do so?

    1. Oddly


      Because you have to be under 120 to use AGD.

    2. Arufonsu


      this should be indeed get fixed the day that humanity reaches inmortality, as any date will be valid then :7_sweat_smile:

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