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  1. Yup, that's the point of using Intersect API, no server = no API, so no data. But I'll try to add a cache system to prevent this. A VPS is always better (you can use the same VPS as your game one), but I think maybe there is a way to do it with an .htaccess : https://www.siteground.com/kb/how_to_change_my_document_root_folder_using_an_htaccess_file/ I've been quite busy lately with other projects; and as I said, adding PayPal gateway is not really my priority, maybe when i'll have more time. Plus, most of you guys always found a solution, and get the CMS to work all by yourselves, so it's even better ! Moreover, I'm a bit more active on the french discord community. And promise, I'll try to make a little update in the next days.
  2. No problem, glad to hear that everything is fine now ! For now, it's a bit complex if you want to register your domain to https://www.tiny.cloud/, I think think I'll try to simplify everything and write a little HowTo ! For the news, maybe have you deleted a news from the database directly ? To fix it, you can empty the cms_news table, or maybe delete the 'id' column and recreate it (id, int 11, auto increment, primary key). Everything you need to know about Intersect API is in "Intersect Folder\Server\resources\config\api.config.json" file ! EDIT: My bad, I didn't see that everything was and running now haha Glad to see everything is working. I'll add a feature to hide pages soon !
  3. Glad to see that everything is okey now, sorry for the delay, I have been a bit busy these days. Err, to be honest I don't think that i'll have time to create a video tutorial (+ I don't speak english lmao); but if one of you guys could do it, it would be perfect ! I know, as I'm from EU, it was the fastest way for me to do a payment system. If you know some kind of similar platform I'll look into it ! For those who want PayPal directly integrated, it's a bigger work, and as it's a free project, I don't really think that I'll going to dev something like that for now. Maybe in the future... Did you executed the patch_1.sql too ? This lines should be added by the patch : I don't really see the point of giving you an apache/mysql soft as it all depends on everyone preferences. It sounds a bit wrong for me... Managing an MMO website should be a bit more difficult that just starting an exe...! But maybe I didn't fully understand your request, so sorry
  4. Thanks ! To summarize the installation : Download Xampp Start Xampp, and start Apache/Mysql Download the repository (https://bitbucket.org/ramlethalss/intersectcms/downloads/) Unzip the file content to a folder in htdocs (Xampp\htdocs\IntersectCMS for example) Open Xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf Add this : <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/IntersectCMS/public" ServerName IntersectCMS.localhost <Directory "C:/xampp/htdocs/IntersectCMS/public"> </Directory> </VirtualHost> Customize DocumentRoot and Directory to your xampp IntersectCMS public directory ServerName could be everything you want if your website is local (like MyGame.local or MyMMORPG.localhost...) Restart Apache Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file Add this at the end : IntersectCMS.localhost Replace IntersectCMS.localhost by your ServerName If you can't save the file, close it, copy it on your desk, edit it again, save, and copy it again to your etc folder On Xampp Control panel, clic on Admin button, on the MySQL line Create a new database Execute the cms_database.sql, and then the patch_1.sql Open the table cms_settings Edit base_url, api_username, api_password, and api_server to your needs Open Xampp\htdocs\IntersectCMS\App\Controllers\Preferences.php Replace the DB settings by yours Voilà !
  5. Little update live on Bitbucket for now, I've added some of your requests @Vhaeriel ! Fixed Dedipass, you will now be able to customize the module easily from the administration panel Added online translation for curent language, so you should be able to edit CMS text strings from the web administration panel Added discount system and visibility system for items in the shop API password field is now from the type password in the administration panel For your other requests I think I'll add most of them with updates little by little. But I have some doubts about the Market system. This way of proceeding is quite unbalanced since it generates a new item, so the items with randomized stats are useless. But with some API tweaking, it should be possible !
  6. Well, I've used Dedipass some years ago for some game servers, no problem for me, fast reversements, nice rate for every services (I could provide you some screenshots as my accounts have history from 2018) ! But I know how it is, I provided Dedipass first because I've known the service for some years now, but ofc I will provide other payements gateway ! Surely Starpass first, maybe Mobiyo next, and if I have time maybe Paypal directly too. Yep, there's some « bugs » like this, as I've added the translation system before the settings one (dumb, uh ?), so I'll need to clean some things like this eheh. And yes, don't hesitate to ask features, all may not be added, but I'll see what I can do ! Btw, really happy to see that you have already appropriate yourself the CMS template, looks great ! Oh, I'll add a "Your mods" on the topic to show mods !
  7. Hi! Actually, I totally forgot about this part hahaha ! My bad ! I'll update the bitbucket repo a bit later (probably today) for easier customisation from the administration, where you will be able to enter Dedipass data (and to not have to edit files) For now, here a little tutorial (i'll add it to the topic too) : Dedipass module creation : Create a dedipass account (https://dedipass.com/) Login to your dedipass account, and go to the Services tab Add a service Choose Virtual Currency (as it's not an unique product but shop points) Customise the informations as you like For the installation URL, put « [CMS Link]/user/credits » (for example, for my local website, it points to « http://intersectcms.localhost/user/credits » For the paiement tab, choose Redirection, and use the same URL as the installation one (so for me it is « http://intersectcms.localhost/user/credits » too) Customize all the payements methods as you like (you can even choose Paypal, or share the income with a friend) Customize the payement box design Script customization : After all your module creation, you'll get 3 codes, the first and the last are the ones that you'll need Open the CMS file « [IntersectCMS]\application\templates\Britania\credits.twig » Copy the « data-dedipass » value from Dedipass website and replace the one from the template (it should actually be « 20296759398029235b6178f31f75e55c ») Open the CMS file « [IntersectCMS]\application\App\Controllers\UserController.php » Search for the « public function buyPoints(Request $request, Response $response, array $args = []): Response » line (line 254~) On Dedipass website, copy the « $dedipass = file_get_contents('http://api.dedipass.com/v1/pay/?public_key=xxx&private_key=xxx&code=' . $code); » Replace the same line in the UserController.php by the one from Dedipass (line 278~)
  8. If you right click an item in your item editor it will copy the ID ! And you're right, the folder hasn't been uploaded to bitbucket, maybe because it was empty... Yep, create it, and copy/paste all your items image files from your game client to the "gamedata/items" folder, the CMS will display automatically the right image thanks to Intersect API.
  9. You're welcome guys! As you said, there is some limitations on the API, surely for security purpose. I have tweaked a bit the api.config.json file, and no more problems. But the solution is not to turn off the protection (as I did for testing). Maybe try to see with the Whitelist fields to allow « flood » for specific IP ?
  10. Eheh; I hope so ! Glad to hear it ! Tbh, I wanted to contribute in my own way, maybe all my others templates will not be this free
  11. My pleasure ! Nice, it could be awesome if the community start sharing templates !
  12. IntersectCMS - Open Source CMS for ORPG Hi MMO-makers, I've been around for years now, and firstly, I want to clap the Intersect Team for this beautiful engine. I always loved MMORPG, and especially retro-2D ones (old eclipse user here). Now that it's open source, i could play around with the sources, which is really satisfying :v Enough random-talking, I'm here to showoff one of my projects that I started some days ago. I know a lot of you wanted a complete CMS to use with their games, so I started one. I wanted something that everyone could change with minimum knowledge and more importantly, that use Intersect API. So yup, this CMS will work even if you use an sqlite database (and will work too if you migrate to mysql, without any change in the CMS settings). However, part of the CMS uses a MySQL database, so it is necessary to have one for the proper functioning of the site. I have opened a Bitbucket repository that I will update more or less regularly. I foresee some new features (that you can also propose), as well as fixes for the bugs you'll encounter. I may also propose custom templates, free or paid (maybe the two options). IntersectCMS uses a number of open source projects to work properly: [ Slimframework ] https://www.slimframework.com/ - PHP micro framework [ Twig ] https://twig.symfony.com/ - flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP [ RedBeanPHP ] https://www.redbeanphp.com/index.php - fast and easy to use ORM for PHP [ PHP-DI ] http://php-di.org/ - dependency injection container [ Nyholm PSR7 ] https://github.com/Nyholm/psr7 - PSR-7 implementation Actual features (C/P from bitbucket ofc) (DB = use MySQL cms DB, API = use Intersect API) : - News (DB) - Register (API) - Login (API + DB) - Ranking (API) - Account Informations (API + DB) - Shop (API + DB) - Quantity - History - Categories - Discount - Item visibility - Points system with history (DB) - Account Points/Credit (currently working with https://dedipass.com/) (DB) - Server status (API) - Custom Pages (for game and wiki sections) (DB) - Basic administration with Rich Text editor (TinyMCE) - News (DB) - Shop (API + DB) - Pages (DB) - CMS Settings (DB) - CMS Translation (DB) - Basic Translation system (DB) (currently only EN and FR langs) - Multi-templates system - You can create as many templates as you want without even touch PHP code - Basic HTML knowledge is required - 'public\themes\[theme name]' directory contains themes assets, 'public\general' contains base assets used by all themes (like objects images), and 'application\templates\[theme name]'' contains twig views How to install (C/P from bitbucket ofc) : How to customize payement system : Actual screenshots (cuz you want some uh? but C/P from bitbucket too ofc) : Your mods (always better when it's customized) : What's coming next (in case you didn't reed my short intro) : Some features update, like more payements gateaway Bugfixes/Code cleaning Optimizations New templates (free, or paid) How to download (that's the point of this topic nah?) : You can find everything on my Bitbucket repository : https://bitbucket.org/ramlethalss/intersectcms/src/master/ I know the installation is a little technical, but hey, we have google and damn, this help a lot. Moreover, it may have some bugs, but I'm here to correct them ! Thank you for reading this topic, and again, thanks Intersect Team Have fun making MMOs !
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