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Found 10 results

  1. Pretty proud of how our web site is coming along. www.ambardia.com
  2. New Intersect Website [WIP]: I've always wanted a website that could act as an information database about Intersect. Some of the goals for a new website are outlined below: News/Updates could easily be found/absorbed. Offer a long page quickly explaining all of the engine features Have a full set of documentation on how to use every aspect of the engine Pages where we can share resources that developers can use in their games Finally, a showcase games created by our members that we can promote I've been sharing links in the shoutbox over the past couple of days, but now that the site is starting to come together I wanted to show it off, accept some new ideas and constructive criticism. The following pages are (mostly done): Home News About Features Multiplayer Features Traditional RPG Elements Highly Customizable Immersive Effects User Friendliness Everything Else! Resources Games Licensing Downloads Todo: Clean up design, fill in missing media. The new site is now live and can be found at its official home: https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com
  3. Here at Lapis Lazuli Host (Lapis Lazuli Host is new name!), we make a safe, clean, and happy environment for people of all ages, to ensure complete enjoyment, and trust in our playerbase. We strive to keep the forums, servers, as well as usernames friendly, and polite to those around them. Using some of the best hardware money can buy, we bring you to a lag-free environment, for a happy experience, for even people who can not afford the best of the best computers, we allow a lag-free environment. With 2 datacenters, and over 4 Dedicated servers, Lapis Lazuli Host is global. With locations in North America, Europe, and Canada, Lapis Lazuli Host can be reached at any time, anywhere. And now I say, Welcome to Lapis Lazuli Host! My name is Alex (Gabe), and I am the founder of Lapis Lazuli Host. A while ago, I started working on web development, and I finally got this! I programmed a website, with my friend. We are using XenForo for our Forums, but it is not yet up. We are currently recruiting staff, which is shown by the slots available at http://noxhost.net/staff.html . That is all. Bye now!
  4. Hello there, everyone! I used to be user of a Eclipse forums and before that, I used to use the Xtremeworlds engine. It's been many years since that, thought. A week ago I wanted to check out, how is the Eclipse holding on and oh boy, did it change! It did impress me, how good the new engine is now. Anyway, without a further gibberish I would like to show what I did in a few days. Still not sure what the engine can do, do I have full freedom of things (like creating pets and mounts) or is the coding part still closed of. Gotta look into that later. I'd love to make a small community mmo, but I still gotta learn what I can and cannot do. I'm pixel artist and I do love some colours, if you haven't noticed. The style is kept as simple as possible, so I can work on this when I have free time. Most of the inspiration is from the Paper Mario series. I also love visuals, so keep in mind that every item should be seen as paperdolls too. Oh and the items have gender variants, of course. Pardon my english, it isn't my native language and I didn't really pay attention on school, which I do regret now.
  5. What do you guys think of my portfolio site (it's not finished yet). http://galacticglum.com
  6. Since there's literally only 1 or 2 links in this entire section that lead to a live site that has content on it, I've figured I'd take the time to populate this section with another website: mine. https://zebulunmcneill.com I work as a freelance web developer, mainly using WordPress although I'm capable of building static sites from scratch using pure HTML/CSS.
  7. I like to do most of my designing with WordPress. However, I still develop lots of shortcodes for client websites. My inspiration has been low, so I don't have many templates. http://erikai.com
  8. Hey, this is my first post on the forum, so hi all! I'm 17 and I just started learning to program. I'm not really very good, so I started with html and the web basics (css, javascript and Jquery). Then I saw the relatively new html5 element called "canvas", mostly used for games, and I decided I could make a game in order to test my current skills. Well, I'm programming it all from scratch, avoiding the use of any framework nor library so I can really see how hard is to make a game (If i'm forced to, I'll add a library, but I'm trying to do it by myself). The game will be a simple platformer game with levels and I might make it more complex and add weapons and stuff (if I manage to finish the game first). In canvas there's no easy way to add buttons nor elements (as there is in VB), and you have to draw everything onto the screen every frame (meaning that you'll have to use several loops in order to draw everything again each frame). I haven't even started with the game levels yet but I've been creating the "core" for the game (functions for easy creating buttons, adding images, music, and such) so I can focus then on the game levels. Here's a short list of what I've done: -The "game" is separated with scenes, so you can change from scene to scene (for example: load scene, main menu scene, level scene...) -Every scene has it's own "init" function(this one runs just once when the scene is loaded), "paint"(drawing things to the screen) and "act"(checking for the user's actions and acting) loops, and there are also a general "paint" and "act" loops that runs on every scene. Those are the ones that handles buttons, images, music, texts so I can easily add them in the "init" function or "act" loop of each scene. -Every time you change scene, all the elements dissapear so I can set what I want to appear on the "init" function of the changed scene. -I've made my custom "preload" function (I think it's very bad scripted but I wanted to try without using any preloading library), and there's a load scene that loads all the music, sound and images before starting the game. -Sound is separated from music so you can choose to mute music and sound separately. I'll be updating this from time to time (I'm not working a lot on this at the moment but I'll focus on it someday). And yes, I know the code can be optimized for sure (or I think so), but I've just learned how to program and this is to test myself. If anyone sees anything bad in the code and wants to help me, just do it and explain me what can I do to improve it. UPDATE 4 September 2015 I've been adding a lots of things to the code and it seems more like a game now. You can check the last vid here: BtqcbEl1SZ8 UPDATE 06 November 2015: The programming part is almost done: Levels logic, shop... OUvwti1SADA Need to program the localStorage for saving data and create the levels.
  9. I saw that Crzy posted his so I thought I'd go ahead and post mine. Yes, our websites do have some similarities. This is because JR drew inspiration from my setup. We're both cool with it. Anyway, here it is: http://www.johnlamontagne.me
  10. Links don't work right now but I am working on it. http://jrpadfield.me This will eventually be an online resume with links to my personal projects showing off my work. Right now it is only the home page and /contact that will show up. Front end is pure html and bootstrap where as everything else is done in Python using Flask, Flask-WTF (forms) and Flask-Mail once I get that set up and working.
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