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  1. I'm using the quest marker graphics provided by @Xiphoid and I would like to have these animations above an NPC/event constantly looping but I am having issues with that. Not sure where I need to go from here. The closest solution I have is making a second event a tile or two above the quest provider but I'm not sure how to affect that event with results of the quest giver. Basically what I'm trying to do is change the animation once a user has turned in the quest from the Gold ! to a grayed out !.
  2. Awesome. Really looking forward to it! As far as I'm aware there's nothing else like this in terms of RPG maker MMO capabilities.
  3. Hey Valentine when you said this were you talking about the Vocab edit you have in your original post or do you have a version that everything is in english including server, account editor, etc?
  4. After working with it for a bit I finally got it up and running and connected to my server. Able to login and see server status and everything! Last thing I need to ask hopefully is the account I'm logging in with does not have Admin access to the web page so I do not have the admin panel. Is there something I'm supposed to change to get that access? **EDIT** figured it out didn't realize I just needed to edit the admin ID in the database. All is working very well!
  5. This is super cool! Any chance for a tutorial working with Xampp or anything like that to set this up? I'm not too familiar with this kind of stuff and I'm having issues not really understanding what I need to do with the instructions. But that's just on me.
  6. @CosakiGames That is a good idea. But then the player would need to pickup multiple items on top of each other. It is closer to what i'm wanting to do though.
  7. @DougLifeAs far as I know it'll only drop the selected items. If I've got 3 Gold at 10% and 7 gold at 10% it'll drop one, the other, or both. But nothing in between unfortunately.
  8. @DougLife Yeah that's what I meant lmao. Sometimes I just can't find the right words for what I'm meaning. But that's exactly it. Basically just random (between 1-5 or 1200-2400 depending on the mob) drop amounts for items like gold.
  9. @DougLife Right and I've seen that. But what I'm looking for is the ability to make the drop itself a random number. Rather than setting 5 gold at a 10% drop rate I'd like to have 1-5 gold at a 10% drop rate. For the lower end mobs I would be fine just doing 1,2,3,4,5 at 10% each but whenever you're looking at 1200-2400 that's when a random number would be super beneficial.
  10. What I'd like to do is make it so item drops such as Gold are dropped in random amounts within a range. Say 20% chance for 1-5 gold on a early game mob while a boss may have a 10% drop for 1200-2400. Anybody able to make something like this work in the current system or with a git addon? I'm using v0.6.1.259 at the moment.
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