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  1. After working with it for a bit I finally got it up and running and connected to my server. Able to login and see server status and everything! Last thing I need to ask hopefully is the account I'm logging in with does not have Admin access to the web page so I do not have the admin panel. Is there something I'm supposed to change to get that access? **EDIT** figured it out didn't realize I just needed to edit the admin ID in the database. All is working very well!
  2. This is super cool! Any chance for a tutorial working with Xampp or anything like that to set this up? I'm not too familiar with this kind of stuff and I'm having issues not really understanding what I need to do with the instructions. But that's just on me.
  3. @CosakiGames That is a good idea. But then the player would need to pickup multiple items on top of each other. It is closer to what i'm wanting to do though.
  4. @DougLifeAs far as I know it'll only drop the selected items. If I've got 3 Gold at 10% and 7 gold at 10% it'll drop one, the other, or both. But nothing in between unfortunately.
  5. @DougLife Yeah that's what I meant lmao. Sometimes I just can't find the right words for what I'm meaning. But that's exactly it. Basically just random (between 1-5 or 1200-2400 depending on the mob) drop amounts for items like gold.
  6. @DougLife Right and I've seen that. But what I'm looking for is the ability to make the drop itself a random number. Rather than setting 5 gold at a 10% drop rate I'd like to have 1-5 gold at a 10% drop rate. For the lower end mobs I would be fine just doing 1,2,3,4,5 at 10% each but whenever you're looking at 1200-2400 that's when a random number would be super beneficial.
  7. What I'd like to do is make it so item drops such as Gold are dropped in random amounts within a range. Say 20% chance for 1-5 gold on a early game mob while a boss may have a 10% drop for 1200-2400. Anybody able to make something like this work in the current system or with a git addon? I'm using v0.6.1.259 at the moment.
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