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  1. If you're working so hard, please take a rest ~ ♥
    With love

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    2. jcsnider


      Don’t mind if I do :D

    3. Dashplant


      Uh jc, IF  you work hard

    4. A l m a

      A l m a

      Yes mind if you do jc >_>
      Take a rest
      You're welcome Faller-magie

  2. I will go crazy if they do not release the "Beta 6" version~ (。>﹏<。)

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    2. Kibbelz


      Fairly sure that is a poor reason to stop a project as there are many other aspects to work on whilst waiting for b6

    3. Dashplant


      The only feature of your project is shields? 


      No maps? 

      No graphics?

      No quests?

      No NPCs?

      No spells? 

      No items? 

      No weapons? 

      No shops? 

      No banks? 

      No sounds? 

      No music? 


      Or is all of that done? ;)

    4. A l m a

      A l m a

      hahahahahahaha i don't stopped my project yet hahaha its a joke :'v
      but i have anxiety to use the shields

  3. 1cbf9f82f1e8b565e85cd5ee21ba361e.jpg

    This is my fu*** dream >0<
    (i'll go to japan on two years ♥ and i'm so hyped for that)

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    2. A l m a

      A l m a

      @Kibbelz i can speak a poorly japanese hahahah
      and i can't read it
      We will go for became poor but with pokemons (? hahahaha
      it's so expensive on some places of there and i cry when watch the prices 


    3. faller-magie


      Enjoy and have fun. :91_thumbsup:

    4. A l m a

      A l m a

      :o Many thanks @faller-magie ~♥~
      i'll do it n.n

  4. A l m a

    [AOG] Lift System with Events

    Many thanks ~ ♥ And great job with this system (✿◠‿◠)
  5. A l m a

    Game Concept [Terra of Desolations]

    That's really good! n.n ~
  6. A l m a

    Intersect Development Road Map

    Oh no problem it's only a curiosity thing ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  7. When i'll make a new system and doesn't work like in my mind
    i start to think i'm my own enemy
    Give me patience  ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

    ~Will work...only i need go more slowly~


    1. Kibbelz


      You don't need complexion to make a good game. Complexion is only good if it is pulled off well. Focus on simple aspects and excel at perfecting them. Limitation and simplicity always breeds creativity. But its always good to explore all the possibilities and accept failure as a learning experience not as a failure!

    2. A l m a

      A l m a

      @Kibbelz you're right!
      I need to learn of my failures :16_relieved:

      Will be hard but good (I hope so) hahahaa
      ~ Thanks Kibby ~ ♥

  8. A l m a

    Intersect Development Road Map

    This RoadMap need an update :v (The thinks of the Dev Blog 5/3/2019 by @Kibbelz) right?
  9. That's really cool! :o Yeah! make a tutorial ♥
  10. A l m a

    Spell requirements

    Exactly n.n It is the closest thing to "having it equipped" ♥ See you~
  11. A l m a

    Spell requirements

    The only way is make a conditional "If player have item X" not if equipped
  12. Its time of memes ♥
    Watch this 



  13. Remembering the status update
    from a user who said that Beta 6 would come out in April (I can't remember her name)
    hahahaha Happy April Fools

    1. Kibbelz


      Big oof ;)

    2. A l m a

      A l m a

      @Kibbelz hahahahaha dont make me laught hahaha
      have a nice day~ ♥