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  1. A little bit about the schedule in Sealed Gate. There is nothing public yet.
  2. Rales99


    I don't understand what it says. The translator refuses to translate.
  3. Rales99


    I want to bring the camera closer to the character at x3 Sorry for bad English. I translate from Russian
  4. Rales99


    Which open source file is responsible for the camera range?
  5. After closing putty, the server is closed. How do I fix this problem?
  6. Всё отлично работает!
  7. Rales99


    How do I change the camera range ?
  8. Thank you so much, I completely forgot about it.
  9. How to make the back (назад) button open an authorization window. Now she opens the main menu
  10. Выглядит довольно неплохо
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