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  1. Hello I'm back. I'm going to resume the project again. I was inactive for so long because my PC broke and since I live in a communist country I couldn't buy a new one. I'm using a borrowed laptop to start developing again. If you have any questions, you can contact me both through the forum and by email, telegram, WhatsApp. I plan to improve and make the project compatible with the new versions of the graphics engine (If there is any new one, I am not informed) and add everything previously promised. If there is anyone available who uses or has used my project, I would like them to give me feedback. Greetings
  2. Good evening, I have created my networks on patreon and buymeacoffee in case anyone wants to support me. Thank you very much https://www.buymeacoffee.com/whiteassassins https://www.patreon.com/whiteassassins
  3. Goodnight. The project is not stopped at all. What if it is taking longer since this does not generate income for me and unfortunately I am from Cuba and I need to work on other projects that do generate income to be able to pay for internet costs and studies. This project was originally born for a group of video game creators, also Cuban, who are using the intersect engine, which is associated with my development group, of which I am the leader. Currently the project continues in development which is slower. Contrary to the beginning. One of the additional things that happens apart from the lack of time is the lack of ideas of what else to add to it. If something occurs to you, you can tell me. Before the end of this month a new update will be available.
  4. Changelog 11/6/2022 Now all the menus inside the admin commands menu have a dropdown that automatically shows taken from the api such as users, maps, etc. Now when sending a message to the server through the command menu it comes out in front of the message "Server: Message" to be able to differentiate them from player messages Now there is a chart in the dashboard menu that shows visits to the web (administrator visits are not counted) There is now a new button in the store and news options to make them visible or invisible to users Added Russian Fixed Maintenance tab login bug Miscellaneous bug fixes
  5. Changelog 10/6/2022 Fixed several bugs German Language Done Fixed bugs in translations Fixed error that did not allow loading the web if the connection with the intersect server was not achieved Added CMS Version Check in admin sidebar Preparation for another 6 languages list (If someone can collaborate in the translation of these languages, even if it is through the google translator, contact me by DM) Improved Security of Administrative JavaScripts More optimizations Moved the command menus to a new tab in the sidebar and the dashboard will be redesigned Added to the dashboard use of cpu/ram/hdd and the local version of cms Fixed bugs with font awesome Now the data in the admin dashboard is updated every 5 seconds Fixed error with accounts that are not inside the web(Now in case it does not detect the user in the cms db, it looks for it through the api in the game, if it exists, it verifies that the password matches, in case it matches, it registers it in the cms db so that it is use this as it doesn't generate in-game traffic and therefore better performance and then log you in.) If you want to help me continue developing you can do it here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/whiteassassins
  6. Ram and cpu of the intersect engine server or the vps? If you can the ideas you have put them in the project in git. I am in more than 5 different projects at the same time and more or less around there I order what is the next thing I have to do. Thank you
  7. The wiki system is pending to be developed I hadn't thought of a mini forum but it's a good idea And the update system is already developed locally. In the next update I upload it to git
  8. Changelog 04/06/2022 Optimized Page Load Speed Now when you create an account on the server you are also created on the web Now you can deposit money using QVPAY Users can now buy an item and it is added directly to the game inventory Users can now change their account password on the web In the User Panel, your operating system, ip and browser are now displayed Added the possibility to send a feedback. Added Favicon Improved security Edited htaccess so that css, js and image files are cached Added 9 additional languages to TinyMCE Started Development of 6 other languages. In the process of improving existing languages as new text was added which is not yet translated Improved User Dropdown Design Improvement Security of the model that loads the api token In case the user has already charged the transaction with qvapay and recharges the confirmation link, no more balance will be added. Added PHPMailer Started the development of an api for communication between all the cms Initiated Web development with modules (You can disable the store, news or other features) Improved User Agents System Added the possibility to edit the IDIngame of a store item Updated the intersect.sql (I forgot lol) Started the development of the ticket response system Updated version of Guzzle Disabled access to photo upload folders Created custom pages of Error 404 and DB
  9. Programando para un Mundo mejor

  10. Changelog 30/05/2022 Ready Multi Language System for now with English, Spanish, Turkish (Almost Complete) and Japanese. Default language Spanish (Possibility to change the default language soon) Password Recovery System Possibility to Edit Features Menu Fixed API loading issues Fixed Redirect Bugs Updated intersect.sql Fixed background bug on small screens And many small fixes not worth Mentioning
  11. Hello I am looking for people who speak Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, French or other languages to help me as translators for the multi-language system. Thank you so much
  12. Today's update is smaller because I had problems with my pc Changelog 28/05/2022 Now the year of the footer is updated automatically Added legal notice page to the footer and the possibility to edit it from configuration Added Terms and Conditions page to the footer and the possibility to edit it from configuration Added Privacy page to the footer and the possibility to edit it from configuration Other minor bug fixes
  13. Changelog 27/05/2022 Differents Bugs Fixeds Added option to activate Google Analytics from the settings menu Added Download Button with the possibility to edit the link to which it redirects from the configuration menu Added possibility to create new admin accounts or delete them Changed the order of the cards in the configuration menu Added List of Events (Admin Dashboard) Added List of Maps (Admin Dashboard) Added List of Missions (Admin Dashboard) Added List of Objects (Admin Dashboard) Changed Sidebar icons Added list of Users Added List of Users online in navbar Optimized web load time (97 points in Google page Speeds) Example Images Below
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