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  1. Naruto Origins is an open world 2D MMORPG. Here you can face terrible monsters alongside other players who, like you, are looking for new challenges. You can also face the PvP mode and compete for the title of best warrior on the server. The game is currently in the online beta phase. Altogether there are already several maps in several different environments, more than 700 items, caves with puzzles and bosses. Within the game there are several different characters. Welcome to the world of Naruto Origins Every corner of Naruto Origins is filled with enemies, secrets and challenging puzzles. Not to mention the bosses that guard the Triforce's parts, capable of defeating it in a few effortless hits. The only solution to survive here is to find the weakness in your attacks and come up with a tactic to take advantage of it. Start of journey As in the main games of the series, here you start unarmed and without any equipment in your favor, but as you complete the missions you will acquire important artifacts for your future. Almost always what you pick up allows you to access new areas of the game and makes an interesting seam in the hero's saga. When you are faced with fatality you will realize that your game does not end, on the contrary, your character turns into something similar to a ghost. In this condition its qualities decrease, but the game continues without major problems. Download: https://sonartgames.wixsite.com/narutoorigins Portal Games: https://www.sonartgames.com
  2. Yes. As soon as I have more news I will bring it here, for those who want to know more just follow the discord. I am also doing an RPG on the intersect but at the moment I will not show it.
  3. Thanks for the comment, one more personal update, it’s still not 100% more I’m editing the houses, making it more proportional, I haven’t edited them all. City
  4. In relation to dbz these will be the "official" tiles already, I'm remaking the houses and other things. I'm doing what I can as far as possible. I remake 60% of the tiles already. Thanks for the comment
  5. Hello, I would like to share about 2 projects that I am working on at the moment, in the future there will be others. If you are interested in learning more about the projects, join the discord group, there I share all the progress logs daily: https://discord.gg/zhYReAA The projects are br, but if you have a good amount of people interested, I can do an English translation too. CDZ DBZ
  6. mikamesu

    WIP Dragon Runes

    Our goal is to do Aqworlds-like combat, but with our own identity. Movement run teste > https://youtu.be/M9AuzNFmJ0Q we are still adjusting the movements of the dolls is in version 1.0
  7. mikamesu

    WIP Dragon Runes

    Thanks, updates 1.0 added, the project was stopped, but slowly we are returning.
  8. It has a manual in the download explaining how to configure it. More Suport: https://discord.gg/u8v5df9
  9. mikamesu

    WIP Dragon Runes

    The magic once flourished in the lands of Valline, common to the creatures that embraced her. But power, always has a cost, like those with magic hunger, crazed and tried to seize everything by themselves. This conflict became known as the first major war, which resulted in the disappearance of magical energies and all drones. She is gone, lost from the hands of the people and forever asleep. There existed two factions in the first great war to the right, the Stigma, composed of Humans, the Knights of the Bultharos Dragon and great magicians of light. From the left, the Warborn wielded themselves as weapons against their will driven by the desire for power. Centuries have passed since and suddenly these innate energies have awakened from their long rest. However, not all were blessed with the gifts of his return and those who can not handle it, quickly began to fear it. Valine is once again threatened by the flames of war, the rumors that dragons' eggs had been found would be the fuse of a new era of chaos to come. Self-attack and using skills Auto-attack Click on a monster once to direct it. Click again to attack! If you do not have a target selected and use some of your combat skills (located on the battle bar at the bottom of the screen), you will automatically select a target and an attack. Very handy in crowded rooms of Player vs Player! Area of Effect Spells (AoE) AoE attack spells damage all monsters on the screen. Some AoE attacks have a limited range or a limited number of targets that will affect them. They use bows their specialties are agile and long range attacks. They are disciples and masters of the swords, besides being very resistant. They are those who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of the arcane arts SCREENS Final considerations This is a Brazilian project and we have plans to bring it to the english community. The game is in development and we still have a long way to go before its release, the game is designed to be a 2D RPG. Our team at the moment is small only I Mika) and Kenshiro at the moment, we count on your support, suggestions and criticisms that we will help to improve more and more. Social Discord Facebook References / Inspirations / Diablo 3 Torchlite 2 Aqworlds Wing of Misadventure Ragnarok among others.
  10. Where do I go download the sources of the Intersect Engine?
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