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  1. Erebus

    Event Autorun

    Is there a way to create a event that will autorun even when there are no players connected to the server? I managed to create a event that does exactly what I wanted it to do, but only as long as at least one player is connected, with no connected players the even does not run and so the even does not work as desired.
  2. Erebus

    What does stats do?

    I have been looking around trying to find what each stat does exactly, and so far I have only seen speed do anything that is hard coded, every other stat seems dependent on either formulas.xml or how you setup items and classes (base stat for damage, requiernments and so on). Is it just like I found and its only speed that is hard coded into the engine? If not what else is hard coded into stats?
  3. In order to get the server and client running on linux I had to do the following: 1. Make sure mono is installer. 2. Download Intersect Engine Beta 3.1.zip and extract it. 3. Copy the dll files from "Server/libs/server/x64" into "Server/libs/server" Make sure to copy the correct files for your system. 4. Copy the hole x86 folder from "Client and Editor/libs/client" to the "Client and Editor" folder I have not been able to get the editor to run, but one thing that needs to be done for it to run is to edit "Intersect Editor.exe.config" and change <probing privatePath="libs\editor;"/> to <probing privatePath="libs/editor;"/>