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  1. Need choosing App Name

    I didn't even notice that. Thank you panda.
  2. Need choosing App Name

    Explain? As in what is the is the app suppose to do? Its just calculates stats like for a bowler. Difference is through the research I've been doing, I gathered how to great some of the graphs they want you to pay for either monthly or yearly. Which I hate doing especially when I'm able to program something myself to do for me.
  3. Need choosing App Name

    So I have finally got my final ideas on paper for an app I'd like to create as a lot of bowling mobile apps and websites that track stats cost money via monthly/yearly subscriptions. So I felt like creating my own app and eventually a website that work together. I'm just having a hard time choosing a name. I like to have all the details finished before I start on actually programming it for namespace. Here are some of the ideas I've had. Vote on the one you like the best. Once I finalize everything I will post about it. First release will be for iOS devices as i own an iPhone 7 Plus. Most likely not through the app store as that costs $99 a year to release apps.
  4. Should I boot into windows to test out the new version of Intersect? Oh the decisions....


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    2. jcsnider


      Since @PhenomenalDitto is being useless I'll answer your question. 


      Wait until Beta 4 before going to the effort of getting back into Windows. 

    3. PhenomenalDev
    4. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      @jcsnider its really not a hassle just a few button clicks to boot into bootcamp on the iMac. But thanks for the info. Saves me a lot of time.

  5.  Cause it has been so long since I posted something here... Lets bring back the Doctor's classic annoying status updates!!


    Comment = 10 likes

    Like = 1 Prayer

    Ignoring = Going to hell


    Lets make this shit like Facebook... 

  6. My Canadian friend!!! I need your help!!! Will you help me!!! It is very very very important!!!! Hit me on PM or something PLEASE!! Escpecially if you have a CraveTV account.....

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    2. Marshtomp


      You can send it to my address if you want but im moving in a few months and not sure where yet. 

    3. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Still the issue of billing address. My bank will flag it as wrong and not approve it.

    4. Marshtomp


      Ill sign up if you pay for it if you set a reacurring payment to me via paypal each month and you let me use it! Does it support multiple users?

  7. MySql connection

    Could you post your code you use? I have an old library for MySQL in C# which I can translate into VB.NET for you to use. I can also make a short video on how to use it with Orion+.

    IDK who you are what you want. But I can tell you I have a group of specific skills... And they are there to use to search and destroy things... Idk... hello?
  9. How are my favorite group of Millennials doing? Do you need safe zones here yet? 8)

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    2. lurv


      reported for no trigger warning

    3. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Da fuck is a trigger warning?

    4. Crest



  10.  Tag someone who you want to waste them their time to see this random status!



  11. Comment = 10 likes

    Like = 1 Prayer

    Ignoring = Going to hell


    Lets make this shit like Facebook... 



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    2. Marshtomp


      Quick someone ban crzy from the status updates. 

    3. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Damn thats 30 likes! Go me!!!

    4. Gibier


      Don't blame me cause of my little one like...

  12. Let us bring Facebook to AGD!! 99.9% of people will be pissed about this status...

    1. Cute Kasplant

      Cute Kasplant

      Pissed me the fuck off

    2. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      You are the 99.9%.... No one cares about the 99.9%... it is the 0.1% people care about... lol

  13. No one will say hello... 99.9% of all members will ignore this message...

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    2. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      This is still like a Facebook post... Cause its bashing Trump

    3. PhenomenalDev


      Close enough I guess :P 

    4. The Crzy Doctor
  14. Where to start?

    Due to work and shcool I've stopped this for now. Though I still have many more to plan. and whn you say your baby java? Do you have a java engine? or just java in general? Cause personally I hate java..