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  1. An NPC or an Event? If you make an NPC Event you can just set the quest task to be completed after showing dialogue from the NPC Event, if you understand how i mean? A bit more detailed.. In your Quest editor: Set Quest task in quest to be "Event driven", then set X to complete that quest task once you interact with X. You do this via event commands. So it could look like this: 1. Set the quest task(s): http://imgur.com/chp9YXZ 2. Then (if you want) set a event to be played once the event(the NPC) completes the quest task http://imgur.com/XHrTvRr 3. Then create an Event where you want the player to complete their task (talk to npc), set the quest task command, choose which quest and which of the tasks to be completed, and you're done. http://imgur.com/3MJUQE6
  2. I'm at around 470. For the overworld. I tried taking a world screenshot when i was at about 250 a while back, didn't end very well I have done just like you =) Perhaps i am! I'll keep going and see what happens.
  3. I know that. What i'm wondering is editor related. I have a good PC and it already takes a while to load all the previews for the maps. Is it a good idea to break the world up into groups, or just have everything connected anyway.
  4. I'm reaching a point where my main world is reaching big amount of maps, and it's not even halfway done, how is everybody doing this? Do you simply have one Main folder and a big world, or do you split them up and connect the world parts with warps at small junctions? I fear the client may not be able to create previews for 1k+ maps eventually.
  5. Thank you! It has to do with the history of the region. I got them off of opengameart: https://opengameart.org/content/whispers-of-avalon-desert-tileset Glad you guys like it!
  6. Kind of busy overall, but i try to work on the project whenever i can. I'm currently remaking the southern desert maps, which is finished soon! While this map, and zone over all is far from complete, it should give you an idea of the current situation in Nusst and it's surrounding desert. I've also got A LOT of non-mapping things done, apart from a ton of new zones and dungeons The northern and southern regions of the desert is now home to a merry bunch, travel the desert with caution.
  7. Figured i'd bump this, any dev that could tell me if this will be fixed with the next update?
  8. If there is enough space you could simply frame the npc spawn with npc avoids
  9. Anyone that could comment on this? It's preventing me from continuing to develop.
  10. If you mean you want to connect an unconnected single map to a larger network of maps, just right click the place on the map grid(click the Map Grid tab at the top of the map editor window) where you want your unconnected map to be placed, choose Link Map. Or, if you mean connecting maps over all, just doubleclick the border of the map you're currently on and the editor will ask if you want to create a map there. Hope this helped.
  11. I would recommend using events to teach spells. 1. Open a new event 2. Set a name and sprite for it 3. Click the empty bar under "Add Commands" 4. Choose "Change Spells" under "Player Control" 5. Choose a spell 6. Save event & map 7. "Attack" the event to get the spell Did that help?
  12. After playing around with the projectile editor a lot, it would be very nifty to be able to root(immobilize) the caster for a period of time, if you have for example a barrage of fireballs in the form of 14 projectiles, meaning the player can move away before the animation has played out fully.
  13. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to work, but i fixed this (thanks to HRA) by inversing my animation gfx, so that they're facing downwards, while having the arrow above the (S) in Projectile Spawns enabled, with auto-rotate enabled.
  14. Look at the picture in the first post, there are two images, the animation is facing up. It simply does not adjust to the direction, thats why i included both the animation and the editor in screenshots, so that someone might be able to tell what i am doing wrong. And yes i did try having only the direction above the S greenmarked.