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  1. If there is enough space you could simply frame the npc spawn with npc avoids
  2. Anyone that could comment on this? It's preventing me from continuing to develop.
  3. If you mean you want to connect an unconnected single map to a larger network of maps, just right click the place on the map grid(click the Map Grid tab at the top of the map editor window) where you want your unconnected map to be placed, choose Link Map. Or, if you mean connecting maps over all, just doubleclick the border of the map you're currently on and the editor will ask if you want to create a map there. Hope this helped.
  4. I would recommend using events to teach spells. 1. Open a new event 2. Set a name and sprite for it 3. Click the empty bar under "Add Commands" 4. Choose "Change Spells" under "Player Control" 5. Choose a spell 6. Save event & map 7. "Attack" the event to get the spell Did that help?
  5. After playing around with the projectile editor a lot, it would be very nifty to be able to root(immobilize) the caster for a period of time, if you have for example a barrage of fireballs in the form of 14 projectiles, meaning the player can move away before the animation has played out fully.
  6. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to work, but i fixed this (thanks to HRA) by inversing my animation gfx, so that they're facing downwards, while having the arrow above the (S) in Projectile Spawns enabled, with auto-rotate enabled.
  7. Look at the picture in the first post, there are two images, the animation is facing up. It simply does not adjust to the direction, thats why i included both the animation and the editor in screenshots, so that someone might be able to tell what i am doing wrong. And yes i did try having only the direction above the S greenmarked.
  8. Setting it to 100 did save it, however nothing else did. Video:
  9. Then how do i get the animation to follow the direction that the player is facing? I don't understand your answer. I've tried having only the up arrow enabled in the projectile spawns area, both with auto-rotate on and off, it did not work.
  10. Screenshot provided:
  11. I can't seem to get this to work. I am trying to create a close range spell(1 range), and since i want this to be "fired" to where the player is facing, i have to make the spell into a projectile, right? But the animation that's played is always facing upwards (like the image below) Here's the animation graphics i wanted to use: And here's what my projectile editor looks like: What do i need to do? Also worth noting i tried stuff like only 1 green arrow on the projectile spawns and other combinations etc.
  12. On phone atm, wont be home for about 8 hrs, i can get a screen then. Unless it has to be a screenshot: the box between cost values box and the box where you can choose an effect, e.g. bind, transform etc.
  13. Thank you! If i can get a bounty system that works like i have planned it should both be a major part/feature of the game, and promote both guilds, solo play, and PvP, this combined with the way i plan to incorporate zones with different rulesets would not force players to pvp, but at the same time encouraging pvp. It is one of the features i am most excited about.
  14. Put together a few short clips showing off some parts of my project: