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  1. All the files of your client folder, you may delte the editor client but they need an administrator account to log in so it's not dangerous Then in the config file you have to put your ip or a no-ip to connect to your serv. Then run the serv and if your port are open they can join!
  2. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    Here is some screen from my game. Currently using the Benben's Tilesets, hope it's good for you!
  3. Event random

    You can do an event who set a player variable to a random value between 1 and 10 for example (for a 10% trigger chance), with the event "Set Variable" Then do a conditionnal branch : - if the player variable = 1 , trigger your event - else, the event don't trigger Here you had a 10% chance to trigger, but if you want 1 % chance set a random value between 1 and 100, if you want 50% it's between 1 and 2. Basically : n% = 100 / [ High Value - Low Value + 1] (for 1 to 100 it's 100, so i recommand to use 1 for the low value, you just have to take le High Value and you get the number of possibilities) I think it's easy to use and you can do a lot of things with that!
  4. Requirement to crafting

    [Answer in french to IceBlack] Il dit qu'en gros c'est préférable d'avoir une seule et même table avec des crafts qui se débloquent petit à petit si t'as les bons pré requis plutôt que de devoir faire 3 tables de craft pour 3 tiers du même métier. Mais de toutes manières actuellement c'est l'unique solution tant que c'est pas ajouté dans les fonctions ou qu'un système de métiers soit implanté! It's true! But anyway we have to wait, the homemade job system is a good thing until a new update I think
  5. Requirement to crafting

    I think it's not very usefull because craft table are activable only by event, so you can put the requirements for the event. You can't do that for items or ressources so ..
  6. Requirement to crafting

    You can do a custom "job" system with variables and switch. Create a BlackSmith Variable , and a HasJob Switch (could be usefull if you had more jobs and you want to create a ForgotJob Potion, you don't have to check all jobs just the switch HasJob). Do a npc who teach the Job, for gold or by a quest by exemple. If the player want to be BlackSmith, put the Variable to 1, this is the first skill step of the job. Now you can create a requirement to use the craft table "Variable 'BlackSmith' > 0". Then you can upgrade your system with different steps of the jobs. For example if the player pay, or if he's level 10/20/30, or if he gives some crafted items , he can upgrade , and the Variable "BlackSmith" go to 2, ... Then do higher quality Craft Table who requires Variable to 2/3/4/... With this system you can do an event who count the global number of BlackSmith if you add +1 to a global variable each time you got a new blacksmith. You can do a potion who put the variable to 0 , to forgot the job and take an other ! PS : I just read another time your post, did you asked requirements (like for the "ressources", "items") for each item inside the craft table?
  7. how to remove accounts?

    But he said delete the account, so you can't create another character ?
  8. how to remove accounts?

    You can use : http://sqlitebrowser.org/ Open the intersect.db Then go to the "users" category, and remove the account you want!
  9. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Hello ! If your engine bring something different than what we already have, i think many people will use your engine. But if you just add the features of the actuals engine but alone you're gonna be under the standard. It's maybe the best idea ==> there is no MMO engine for Browser or mobile. And a lot of people would love this kind of features ! Good luck for your project!
  10. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Free to use of course! And Benben won't fight your game if you use them commercially, but I think it's good to know the origin and the source of the tilesets if you use it !
  11. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    The sprite you can see is custom (he's in the folder of his game). I'm not aware of the intellectual property of the RPGMXP RTP, but the tilesets he provides are in the same style, so I don't know if it's a problem, I woukd say no because a lot of games creates custom graphics for a Pokemon game in the same style than originals nintendo games, and they are doing money with the game (Pokemon Revolution Online for example). Actually people are doing money with Benben's tilesets (english community who stole the intellectual property of the work), and he don't agree with this use, but he don't want to fight these games. So i think if you credit Benben, you can use freely the graphics for a commercially use, but personally I don't think it's correct to use only these graphics and make money with, if you have the pretention to sell your game, it's better to custom and add features to the actual pack (but it's only my point of view).
  12. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Hello ! I just want to share tilesets who are very famous in the french community (maybe on english making forum now). The creator is Benben and when he stopped the development of his RPG, he gave all his work to the community (the game and the ressources). So this is more RPGMXP-like, but i tried with a lot of differents sprites, and it always look good. This is all custom, so it's free to use for your game, if you can read french feel free to read this : http://www.rpg-maker.fr/index.php?page=forum&id=10361 (it's the explanation of his stop, for non-french : stop cause of a boyfriend, no time to spend on making anymore, give the source of the game for the community) I don't know if this is classic "deja vu" tilesets for you, because they are old (2004-2009), but the quality is really high so i decide to share this with the source on this forum because they were not here! You can change tilesets, add features in the same style, include some elements from the pack, ... and credits to Benben ! Content : - 50 Tilesets - Forest, Desert, Snow landscapes, differents architecture for cities , Caves, Dungeon Screenshots : Download link : http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/e7a8a7f1f6c2d5f8e8020aba58c687d1.rar
  13. Hi! I don't find how up the HP/MP by the stuffs or by the stats. There is a way to do this by other means ? It's gonna be add in the next versions? Thanks for the answers
  14. Update to 4.2

    It works ! Thanks you!
  15. Update to 4.2

    For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When i try to use the migration tool, i got an error, and they send me to this log! I was on the last version of the 0.3, and i try to update to 4.2! Thanks for the help ! /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// All in the log error /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Message :SQLite error table map_tiles already exists<br/> StackTrace : à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SQLite3.Prepare(SqliteConnection cnn, String strSql, SqliteStatement previous, UInt32 timeoutMS, String& strRemain) à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.BuildNextCommand() à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.GetStatement(Int32 index) à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteDataReader.NextResult() à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteDataReader..ctor(SqliteCommand cmd, CommandBehavior behave) à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior) à Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() à Intersect.Migration.UpgradeInstructions.Upgrade_8.Upgrade8.CreateMapTilesTable() dans C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\AGD\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Migration Tool\Intersect Migration Tool\UpgradeInstructions\Upgrade_8\Upgrade8.cs:ligne 356 à Intersect.Migration.UpgradeInstructions.Upgrade_8.Upgrade8.Upgrade() dans C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\AGD\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Migration Tool\Intersect Migration Tool\UpgradeInstructions\Upgrade_8\Upgrade8.cs:ligne 61 à Intersect.Migration.Database.Upgrade() dans C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\AGD\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Migration Tool\Intersect Migration Tool\Database.cs:ligne 161 à Intersect.Migration.MainClass.Main(String[] args) dans C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\AGD\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Migration Tool\Intersect Migration Tool\Main.cs:ligne 51 Date :9/1/2017 12:03:06 AM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------