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  1. In Memory of Lumiere

    I remember her for always making me laugh in the shout box, back during the Eclipse days. I never knew she was going through what she went through and I hope everyone who knew her to cherish her memory, and the memories with people from Eclipse good and bad!
  2. Was fun

    Rest In Peace....
  3. @PandaCoder Dude we both have the name Robert! But aside from that, these are great features! Especially the automatic port forwarding. @jcsnider and @Kibbelz keep up the good work!!!
  4. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    Second one all the way! xD
  5. Roguelike Assets

    Roguelike Assets A ZIP archive that contains multiple image sheets, including characters and caves, and overworld objects aligned and resized to work with Intersect or Eclipse. Screenshots License License (Creative Commons Zero, CC0). You may use these graphics in personal and commercial projects. Credit is not required but would be appreciated if you credit Kenney. Download AscensionGameDev
  6. Visual Basic 6 Legacy Game Engines A repository that contains ZIP archives of engines, including assets and binaries, and any available source code. How to use To download individual engines, click on their file and then click the "Raw" button on the page. Credits @PandaCoder for putting this repository together. Download GitHub
  7. Does fuzzy logic tickle?

  8. Need Help [PAID] Simple VB6 Task

    There will be more in the future I promise haha xD
  9. I am looking for someone to edit the CrystalShire Source so passwords are saved in the Server Data folder in the CharacterName.ini rather than MYSQL. I removed the Mysql and Auth system I just need someone to program so that when you type in a username and password it saves the pass to the file and checks if it's correct if you already have an account. I will throw in another 50$ for a total of $100 if they could also fully remove all traces from the engine the Trade system, Resource System and Shop System.
  10. WMLXR7a.png


    1. Chief
    2. Cap'n Crest

      Cap'n Crest

      Legen-wait for it... - dary

    3. Cap'n Crest

      Cap'n Crest

      I love you how you spelled my way of writing eklepze perfectly

  12. [WIP] Gaia Game Engine

    Dude what about Vb6 :c

  14. Game Credit

    @lurv Actually make that two Eclipse people. I am now the President of the United States. It's a dream come true, coming from Eclipse making walls of code to now finally constructing walls out of stone and metal to keep losers out.