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We have announced!


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So stoked as this is my first project out of school. The journey has been incredible so far, can't wait until we release this damn game!!! Hope you guys are as excited as we are. Can't really talk about the game but if you wanna know anything about the process ask away - I've learned so much in my ~2-3 years here.

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11 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@AcidTumbleweed Can I send this to all the news channels and make bank? xD jk but can I get confirmation on the idea that we will have 7 characters or some kind of gang?

Sorry man wish I could say more but for now, hey, it's announced xD 


2 minutes ago, Marsh said:

Congrats man! That is freaken awesome. I love this game. I thought there was a good chance that was what you were working on XD. Be careful what you say online though. Even simple stuff can get you in hot water sometimes. 

Thanks man, much appreciated! Yeah I've been told haha, trust me I wish you guys could know it all but we gotta keep the suspense rolling :) Definitely don't wanna be in hot water

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Ah my bad, it is probably harmless but when your playing with the big boys you have to be careful. People have been fired over seemingly insignificant comments before. Its best to leave it to there press dept. But anyway, just my 2 cents. Not saying I know best. 


Also to make it clear the edit had nothing revealing anyway, this is making it look like it did.

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Yeah my edit had nothing to do with RDR, all about GTA, just not trying to get into the GTA arguments is all! Thanks guys, yeah really exciting stuff!


@Azkanan I'm a designer, never thought that'd be my position as I come from a programming background but I love it.


@Marsh You're right, never such thing as being too safe with this kind of stuff, and I'm not trying to lose a job over something people will know eventually lol

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@AcidTumbleweed If you used reddit you could make your name NudesForRedDeadInfo and went or reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption (they already changed the bg to rdr2) you would get more nudes than you knew what to do with xD (do it m8)

Edit: Btw Rdr remastered isn't happening is it? There's a ton of speculation on it (and if you answer can I share the answer?)

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