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Gem Launcher + Game Patcher


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Windows only, sorry guys!

Gem Launcher + Game Patcher

(Third Party Game Launcher and Patcher. Made in Multimedia Fusion 2.5)


(My english skills are rather lacking. Sorry about that, if you have any questions feel free to message me directly via Private messages.)



[Download V0.0.8]


(old versions no longer work with intersect, due to save system change.)




0ac2HJW.png      2wMCJH8.png




V0.0.8 - 15 OCT 2017

-Fixed Save System to work with Intersect Engine Beta 4.2

-Updated Resolution list

-Bugs: Same bugs from 0.0.7



-Now has a progress bar, complete with progress and progress of the current download.

-Custom header and buttons

-Removed Play Button

-Removed Revert Button

-Bug: When force redownload everytime is ticked serverside, It doesn't let you continue after update.

-Bug: Some text elements wont recolour after changing the .INI

-Bug: After a while, the text goes off screen in the server client, and causes slow down.

-Bug: Play and revert button have been removed, yet they are still in the INI



-Updater Included, Basic downloader that will check with the servers version. No download bar yet. Coming soon!

-Updater doesn't skip updates if you have them already.

-Server exe and custom patches




-Mouse image is now changeable and can now be toggled in the INI

-The sparkle effect can now be toggled in the INI

-Added White Fade out.





-Buttons can be changed now

-Every element is now moveable, change their X/Y in the INI file.

-Launcher Can resize to any size now. The background will also resize with it.

-If no INI is detected it will write a default for you.






-Major fix, please redownload.

-Fixed loading and saving settings.

-On Launch the Launcher will read your games config.xml to get the IP and Port you are connecting to. Allowing it to find the right save location.

-Error Messages if something goes wrong.

-Wouldn't know how to save if you havn't saved your settings ingame first, Fixed.





- Moved Dropdown Boxes, So they are more aline with the buttons.

- Fixed "Msuic" typo.

- Bad Save System



V0.0.1 - Released

Artwork and Music Including as a example:






How to Install into Intersect.



The gem launcher is a portable exe, simply drag and drop into your Intersect folder.




1. Simply drag Gem Launcher.exe, Launcher.ini and the launcher resource into your game folder. (MFA is the source folder just incase you wish to edit it.)




 2. If the program doesn detect a INI file, it will write a new one for you. You can change nearly everything of the launcher from the Launcher.INI file. Do not rename stuff, as It will stop working. Only change values.




LaunchEXE, is the name of the exe you wish to launch after clicking Play.


3. Run the Gem Laucher.exe


4. Change things in the resource folder to fit your game, feel free to rename "Gem Launcher" into anything you like. It will still work.


5. Dont like it? Well thats fine, it won't leave any footprint on your game, just delete the files you moved in.




How to work the Update Server!


It looks scary but its realllly simple once you know how it works. First off you need to know what everything does:




This is where your infomation is, you will see whos downloading what, what they are upgrading too. Also contains some infomations on whats going on with your updater.




 This is basicly the code that gets sent to the client. Looks spooky at first, but all you have to know is that: "!0.0.1" Is what folder serverside its calling from. and the things between the Folder names are updates. They are labled like a folder, for example: Resources/entities/male.png means on the clientside the user will download male.png from the 0.0.1 folder and put it into Resources/entities/ in the game folder after the update.



  • These are some tools to help work the server


  • Activate, activates the server, allowing connections.


  • Use all update folders - This makes it so the server will read every folder in "patches" this is reccomended for beginners, as it will layer your updates like a cake. Giving all the updates from start to finish. Everything is downloaded Alphabetically, thus I reccommend using 0.0.1 onwards.


  • Force redownload everything is for debugging and/or designing with friends. So each time they load the launcher they redownload all updates listed in the change log. (Good if your working on artwork with external people)



  • Unlock frame rate - You proberbly wont use this, this is to make the program proccess things quicker. If your having issues with muliple people downloading at once, or its on a dedicated server, turn it on.



This is a list of folders in the patches folder next to your exe. If you desided to turn on single folder updating (No idea why you would). you can select what folder you want to call from.








You will need to portforward just like the intersect server for it to work online, currently its set to, this is localhost. Allowing you to test things offline



Good tutorial:



How to make patches / Get Started




You dont need to put your server into your game folder, just extract it to somewhere.





Inside the updater server folder, there is a folder called patches, These are basicly layers on a cake, People will be download stuff from within these files, corisponding to their version number. Players will download one after another in alphabetical order. EG. 0.0.1 > 0.0.2 > 0.0.3 / A > B > C > D



Just make a new folder to make a new patch layer.



These are examples of a patches, you can put anything into these folders for users to download.
You will need to update the "updatelist.txt" to show where the files will be going (you will need this file in every patch folder) when people download them via the launcher. Eg: "/Folder/folder2/itemname"
This update can only replace and download files to the game folder.

Make sure each file download is on a sperate line.
Files recived at the other end will replace anything you send, so later version will replace files from earlier patches.
You can view the download list first via the server program.





Inside these folders are your assets, please dont put any assets in folders within your patch folder or the server will not beable to reach them. This is what the updatelist.txt file is use for. This is a list that tells where each asset is going.






Once you load the server.exe it should list in order how things will be downloaded.


Hope this makes since, Ill make a video at some point if its hard to grasp.




I have not tested this on other systems apart from windows 10 64bit. All it simply does is it changes the values in the registry, where intersect stores its options settings (Saves are located [here]) Naturally, registry editing is risky but it 'should' be fine,  worst comes to worst it proberbly just won't work. Source code is in the MFA directory. I used Mulimedia Fustion 2.5 to create this launcher, feel free to edit and distribute. (Dont sell please, thanks)






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3 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox Am I missing something or is there no dl link?


Updated the thread, I was making sure everything is sorted.


Please report bugs bellow, Also if it works on your system, please specify what system you are using and if it's 32 or 64 bit.

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@QuoteFox thanks and now I have to wait 18 mins on this terrible wifi xD

Edit: Network error gonna wait till tommorow then also I assume we should A) Credit you for the launcher B ) We can change the icon right? (ik how it's just if we're allowed)

Edit 2: Can't help on the whole system thing as I'm 64 bit windows 10 too but it should be universal for everything xp onwards

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8 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox thanks and now I have to wait 18 mins on this terrible wifi xD

Edit: Network error gonna wait till tommorow then also I assume we should A) Credit you for the launcher B ) We can change the icon right? (ik how it's just if we're allowed)


You can change the source, but you will require Mulimedia Fusion 2.5, but I can always put a icon on for you if you dont want the hassle.


8 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

Big fan. Nice work :D


Senpai noticed me. <3


8 minutes ago, George said:

Looks quite nice man. Thanks for the release.


Thanks, but its far from a release, its baaaare bones haha. More to come hopefully!







EDIT: Updating the tread with sources of artwork. They are all CC0 so feel free to use them!

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5 minutes ago, yeroC said:

Thinking I'll use this for Portal Masters, I'll give it a test. In the future when we get the source, we can probably make this launcher auto-update as well. 


Source is included in the download, Its in the MFA folder :D

You have to use Mulimedia Fustion to open it though. But they offer a free 30 day trail on their website.


Edit: Im terrible at writing so I need programs to help me haha!

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If you are having trouble saving your settings after changing the default port/ip in the config.xml, please wait. Intersect makes a save in the directory as "IP:PORT" Making a work around for V0.0.3






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3 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox Just tested it works flawlessly

Edit: You think I should get clickteam fusion? Is it good?


Exspensive, but like everything. It makes coding easier, but you do kinda need a general understanding of LUA.


3 hours ago, Dr.House said:

It might be just the photo now, but there is a typo, "Msuic" instead of "Music"

Good so far. :D

Yeah I'm suprised I missed that, but Its fixed in later versions, I just hav't updated the screenshots yet.

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V0.0.4 is out



-Buttons can be changed now

-Every element is now moveable, change their X/Y in the INI file.

-Launcher Can resize to any size now. The background will also resize with it.

-If no INI is detected it will write a default for you.


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