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  1. Please, don't. If u want, i can moderate Discord, but don't remove it, because i can't check ur website every hour and i (not only me) get news only from Discord channel.
  2. @Gibier Oh. Thanks... Erm... 1 question... How to declare NPC spawn? In Eclipse it was in Attributes, but i don't see such attr...
  3. @Gibier Is this update for Game Launcher? O_o It had versions 0.5 and than 2.2?
  4. @PhenomenalDev Well. It is good, if so. But now it isn't implemented =3 P.S. Sorry for my English.
  5. @PhenomenalDev I can wait loong time, because my game won't be released until we'll see Unicode Support.
  6. Do you plan adding autoupdate feature to the launcher? (I am not a coder... well... i coded autoupdater in .bat file some day, but...)
  7. SneakBug8


    I can't see sounds from sounds folder in resources. http://screenshot.ru/c3656d27d3c04b8a949a4718f85a498a http://screenshot.ru/b42bd923cc364b03a88c6adc84d9bc6b
  8. If you are from Russia and develop with Intersect or Orion+ - we are waiting for you in our VK group. Вас ждет крупнейшее русскоязычное сообщество движка, где администраторы с радостью ответят на все ваши вопросы. Мы переводим все обновления конструктора, а также занимаемся разработкой крупного проекта на этом движке. Ждем вас! Ссылка
  9. I need only to make maps size in tiles bigger, not upper tile size Also, 32x32 maps are too small for using in my game, becausr 1 city is like 4 locations, what is not good.
  10. When i changed server config to use 64x64 maps, it has many errors (on white installation). How do i change map size properly? Error: http://pastebin.com/rv6eVd19
  11. May be using events with condition on hp and warping to locked map?
  12. How can i make permanent death for character?
  13. SneakBug8


    Okey. I wouldn't spam new themes, but ask there. How can i make permanent death for character?
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