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Graphics Working Logo: Trip Film

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Hey everyone,


Me and some friends were wanting to start a little side project involving film & music. In addition to filming, acting and playing out sketches I plan on creating some pretty cool stuff (visually). I worked up a logo and wondered what you guys thought?


The aim here is to tap into your nostalgic memories. I want you to look at the logo and our works and feel like you're in a different place or a different time while maintaining a grasp on reality (if that makes any sense).


Anyways, let me know what you think! It's extremely simple, I kind of wanted to keep it that way.







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44 minutes ago, Zetasis said:

I think it looks nice and all but the font seems to remind me of the tv show frasier. Not that that is a bad thing. 

Wait... now that you mention it... Lol


18 minutes ago, Murdoc said:

Looks great. For some reason I see a white city scape vector of sorts near the text. Might look nice.

Thanks, Murdoc! You mean something like this but white? I think i see what you mean, I'll play around with some options later. Appreciate the feedback!

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