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Open Alpha DAGGA


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Go on an adventure in DAGGA, an online multiplayer rpg.
Explore a colorful world where mystery and magic intertwine.
Discover the secrets hidden in the ruins and dungeons of the Forgotten Continent.

Become the bravest of warriors!








Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/daggammo/634805

Itch.io: https://gorg-dagga.itch.io/dagga

Discord: https://discord.gg/rmmzP7rrnt




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  • 6 months later...

this game is fantastic, can tell a lot of time has went in to it! 


i feel like i must share with you though my experiences playing this game over the last few weeks for a few hours at a time, although i haven't seen anyone else on my journeys, its not took anything away from the fun to be had searching for golden crabs in the darkened caves along the shores of abgard beach, they pack some power! i was un prepared for them, in-fact im still trying to lvl up some more to be able to get to the end of that cave, however i will say that i can see that your game is quite open areas a lot, i don't know if its just me but i found myself stuck and wondering where to go to find certain creatures or places, don't take anything i say to seriously as i am no wizard at 2d game design, but i feel like the massive open areas outside the castle could do with some direction, funnels per say, made with trees and other sorts, bottlenecks if u see what i am saying, something to follow, i don't know if its intended or whatever, if so then yeah don't listen to me, i just thought it share with you my thoughts about this wonderful game!, also i think you have some kind of issue with the hot bar it goes mad on mouseover, some items you need to double double click to be able to use or equip, the crafting ingredients are overwhelming to me because i don't know where to search for them, and the tile set you are using has a thing where nothing pops out if u know what i mean, unless you edit it yourself with a darker outline, the creator has a certain pallet he uses and sometimes i am walking over things and thinking "has this been places here for the aesthetics or can i harvest it" some bushes you can walk right over the top of, its so easy to miss ingredients because nothing is popping out to me telling me its a crafting ingredient, i am also using this tile set as i love the way it looks! but i have found some things i don't like about it also, sometimes the grass has so many details on it that when you put something on top of it, its hard to notice if its interactable or its just part of the design, anyway i will keep playing this game because i am having lots of fun still! thanks for sharing this with everytone!  

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no problem, i think as i've played more and done some more crafting its not so overwhelming as it first was, i guess the more you play the more you get used to where all the ingredients are, i also beat the golden crab cave today and now i am searching the cursed monastery for brutos, i must have died now like 48 times, so i've decided to get the next set of armour and focus on gathering professions :8_laughing:

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wow i thought it would have took you more time, you have so many nice systems and features that i love to see, some has inspired me to try a few things on my own project, but i am very new to the event system so just been messing around and was curious as to how long this game has been worked on, i appreciate you replying to me and letting me know


i mean that its very impressive, like when i was going from quest to quest fighting different npc it didn't feel like i was to strong or too weak, it was all just right (i spent whole day last week with 1 npc 1 sword and 1 class and i tried to find the perfect balance) it i thought man this is quite difficult haha but also quite enjoyable :D again thank you for sharing this wonderful creation

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Game itself is nicely done, my major turn off was the text formatting. Sentences starting without caps, etc. It felt unappealing IMO. 

You did a nice job in reworking the TF assets by adding weapons to the enemies, full paperdoll is nicely done too. 

I think the UI lacks some polish, the login screen is alright, but in-game UI lacked textures (equipment menu for example).


Good luck on the project, it seems you've worked a lot on it!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just poking around, but this is definitely one of the cooler Intersect games I've played. The art and sounds are solid, the story is simple enough not to be overwhelming, but "there" enough that it can keep you engaged, and their are some really clever mechanics that utitlize the engine in fun ways. I like what you've done with healing flasks and food items, very clever. Great work so far!

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