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Untested [WIP ~ Client] InGameClock Plugin


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InGameClock Plugin

[Work In Progress] This is a work in progress and will be fully released once the new framework that allows the support for plugins is available in nuget for the prerelease engine.



A simple, yet useful plugin that will allow you to add a quick and easy to access server time widget in your intersect client!



  • Ability to toggle the visibility of this widget with the 'O' Key.
  • Ability to drag this widget arround by holding the mouse right-click on its top title window.
  • config.json setting that allows you to turn on/off the plugin (default is  "IsEnabled": true).
  • config.json setting that allows you to change the clock format ( default is "ClockFormat": "H:mm")
  • An "InGameClock_GUI" folder where the GUI's .json .png files are stored and used by the plugin.
  • An "Extras" with  an .aseprite File and another .png example you may use.
    (The .aseprite has its content splited in two different layers to allow easier customization).









  • Extract the compressed file, and place the folder 'InGameClock' into your \Intersect Client\resources\plugins folder.
  • Adjust config.json file to fit your needs! Regardless the clock format, you may want to read this sheet in order to undertand how it works!
  • Change or modify the included resources however you want, you may use the default ones, examples and .aseprite files as you wish! (you don't need to distribute the Extras folder, the plugin doesn't requires it)
  • Run the client to try it out! try hidding it with the 'O' Key, or move it around by dragging the widget from its title window, now you may enjoy your game with this easy to access :624_alarm_clock: widget !



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