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Untested Kash Shop - Open only one client per PC

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Patches are guaranteed to work on a vanilla Intersect with the version numbers below. All Kash Shop patches are guaranteed to work together unless otherwise stated. 


Get it here!


Built for: Intersect and Intersect


Updated once a week to work with the Intersect STABLE branch (Stable branch at the time of creating this patch is

Support guaranteed up until the first version of Intersect STABLE 0.6.3 (Guarantee might extend based on the popularity of the patch.)


Of course we offer support if you have problems installing the patch! Just reply to this topic!


Disclaimer: The patch might work on later versions of Intersect, but be careful with updating when you are using Kash Shop patches. The patch is only guaranteed to work on the version the patch was built for.


Patch description: Stops players from being able to open two instances of your game on one pc.

1. Apply patch

2. Change "YourGameName" to your game name or whatever you want

3. Compile





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5 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

This is so much better than the launch argument to handle the same thing imo. 

Better than one is both at the same time :P


Launch argument = Future Uses of Anti Cheat Tool like Ragnarok Game Guard.
One stance per client... prevents player from opening more than one game at the same time

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