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Graphics Dragon armor


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Lol yeah, he liked it, just not any of the pixels... :')



Mixels is basically when you mix different pixeling resolutions that clash.


For example the resolution on the flappy part of the wings is different than the rest.



It's also lacking shading!




Good start though!



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Hey everyone thanks for the constructive feedback! I'm pleased to see this community is not toxic but rather pleasant and helpful! I've spoken to my team of artists and we will be working on custom tilesets starting in the near future and will post anything we feel you guys might find useful or get ideas from!


Kibblez I hope to see something like this in Nightmare! I haven't been on in ages as I left the wrong discord a while back XD nobody answered my PMS sadly :(

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15 hours ago, WereAlpaca said:


I did a front facing paperdoll of dragon armour in Nightmare's style just because I liked your design! lol

Woah! Well done man! I'm glad me and my team could help with the inspiration for your armor set! My team has been working hard on our Custom Map tiles and once we have something to show il post it for you to see! amazing work!

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