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Need Help [PAID]Once Intersect is out.

Beefy Kasplant

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Hey guys. I figured I might as well start this topic now.

Once Intersect is out I am looking for some custom features and I was hoping someone was willing to help me out.

However, I am going to do this in a unique way. I am requesting these features to be posted as a source tutorial. That way they will be available to everyone who wants to use them, and if I am unwilling or unable to pay the full price, maybe other people can chip in if they would also like to see such a feature. This also means that you are able to help this community go forward once Intersect is out! Think about it, you will get paid and praised by the community!

I will try to keep the requests as general as possible so a lot of people can use the tutorials. But probably I am still paying you, so if the feature is not to your liking, deal with it. (You can always suggest to chip in and we can come to an agreement)

(If JC or Kibz see some of these features as something they want to add to the engine, please tell me!)

The features in question:


A special hair layer so characters can wear hats and helmets without their hair sticking out everywhere. The helmet would take the hair layer when equipped.

Transformation Spell

Able to change the sprite/hair of a character during a buff spell.

Beam Spell

You shoot a beam while holding down the button to cast the spell. Beam just spams projectiles so holding it for longer has more mana cost but also a beam can hit multiple times. The first projectile will have a different graphic to show the start of the beam.

Advanced Dashing

The feature you have all been waiting for! Dash is activated by double tapping in a direction. So Dash spells when learned don't take up a slot in the numpad. They get their own slot. This way you can still learn better Dash spells, it's still part of the spell editor but it's just activated in a different way.

Player Housing

You can buy a house, but the house is an actual map, not an instance. You can set access who can enter the house.

Access can be: All, blacklist, whitelist. There is a furniture item that you can get and you can place these to decorate your house. So every house can only be bought by one player. Player can put the house up for sale if they want. Basically EO4 Housing by JC


I will just make a list of the features for this one:

- Guild name above player

- Guilds get a Guild house a player can enter

- Guild Money

- Donate to Guild

- Able to set ranks

- Able to set rights

- Guild Window with members, their ranks, online or not and a front facing sprite of their current outfit and sprite

- Guild bonuses that can be bought with Guild money


            +EXP gain

            +Gold gain

            +Extra rooms in the Guild House -> Also increases member space

            +Special Guild Furniture

- Guild Window with active bonuses and message of the day or something

Guild Wars

- Starts Automatically every X hours

- Members in a Guild can register during registration period

- When killed you respawn in starting area until time is up, so you are not out when you die

- Several flags in the map to hold

- Capture by standing next to it for x time

- When time is up, flags captured give a money bonus to the guild to be used on guild bonuses

(Ill update when I think of more, and Ill be more specific once someone is interested in programming this)

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As for not knowing how intersect actually works with animations (dash spell, beam spell (though this seems like it is already supported. Just change the fireball spell shown in the videos to an animated kamehameha blast.), images (transformation spell, player housing (though it shouldn't be to hard to figure out once source is released) or paper dolls (hair issue you pointed out). As for the guild since that is really dependent on the source and me learning it like the others I can do the guild one no problem.

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You can make a beam already by spawning loads of projectiles since you set the quantity attribute and the delay attribute in the projectile editor. So set lets say 100 projectiles at 1ms delay spawn between all of them. A lot of these features will be dependant on the game and not used by a considerable amount of developers, so most of these will be left as source tutorials. I assume a very basic guild system will be created though, very vanilla.

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I tried that. Yes..... it gives a similar effect but you generally want the front of a beam to have a different animation and since they are technically projectiles and displayed over the net there are spots where the graphics separate and leave weird gaps.

For all intents and purposes, Beams and beams and Projectiles are projectiles. Let's do things properly.

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So.......make the game for you?

Not everyone is a programmer. So paying someone to add in features is just getting a freelancer to do work for you. Doesn't mean anything. Be nice to those who don't know how to code. I can't do graphics, does that mean i have people make my game cause I pay them to do graphics?

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You can already create beams with large horizontal animations :) However they wont stop at the intended target - they will simply blast right through showing the entire animation image. You could also have a beam that shoots out and stays a straight line until it reaches the target, at that point blowing up and causing a cool effect. 

I understand this was kinda necro'd, just thought I'd put in my 2 cents though :P

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