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Ascension Turns One!


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Hi all,

I am sorry I have not been very active for the last few months, there has been a lot going on. That said everything is bound to pick up again real soon. I am happy to announce that as of this week Ascension Game Dev has been alive for a year! We have been joined by old friends and new and I am thrilled to see you all here. As a group we have started development on many projects that will hopefully be the backbone of this community for a long long time.

Today Ascension has been renewed for 2 more years! During this time I plan to work on expanding this community, release Intersect, and further sculpt this site into the game dev hub that we all want to be a part of!

Thanks everyone for bearing with us! Let's make these next two years great!

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Yes!! I have such high hopes for this engine that I've already started developing in it, painting the art, and I've acquired 2 servers for co-location/zero downtime. (even for patches/updates!)


I'll probably be posting guides on things like "How to make your Intercept server fully fault tolerant." or "How to troubleshoot networking issues with more than x amount of players." etc..


Also If anyone from the community needs help with Bash (you think it's unrelated, but Bash is never entirely unrelated imo), I'm here for that too.

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