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  1. Ok. Its impossible. But when anyone made it, i am here at this post
  2. Is there converter or is possible to make it? If anyone want make it, Orion+ users can convert their all game files to Intersect. Intersect users can convert their all game files to Orion+. * all game files : server files(maps, npcs, skills, items...)
  3. And dont forget change server options file. You must change ip and port in server options file.
  4. Hey i open my game 2 days ago. And i have 10 players. I rent ssd-vds server. And i move server files to vds server. If you rent server. All ports will open. I recommend you try rent vds server. It will work.
  5. You can set a warp point i think : 1. Dungeon map number 2. X 3. Y . With warps you can teleport player to anywhere. Hope it helps..
  6. I want rent vds server but i dont know how can i setup connection settings. Anyone help ??
  7. Hi. If i rent a VDS Server, what should i do for setup connection settings? Is it same as players connect to my computer?
  8. Very helpful. Thanks. 5 ★ / 5 ★
  9. you can do this: 1. Open downloaded Orion+ server folder. 2. Open npcs folder. 3. Find Blue Slime npc file. 4. Copy Blue Slime npc file to desktop. 5. Rename it "npc1" 5. Open your game npcs folder. 6. Delete "npc1" file. 7. Move "npc1" file (in your desktop) to your game npcs folder. 8. Now you can open NPC Editor. I hope it helped. --- And you can do this for your game all npcs with winsome file renamer 8.0 . - it can help in rename step.
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