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Ascension Hall of Fame!


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Hall of Fame!

This is where those who have donated to us are honored! Joe (@Kibbelz) and I (@jcsnider) have always planned on funding the site but any donations help alleviate the financial burden of doing so. We are forever grateful to your contribution and for helping us keep the lights on!

So without further ado, please help us in saying thanks to the following members!



A special spot I think we should reserve for people we want to remember!


She will be missed :(


If you would like to join the hall of fame you can donate by visiting our support page!


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Big apology to Ariel! -- I am sorry I haven't sent a shoutout your way or modified your account yet but as of April 13th Ariel is and always will be an Ascension Hall of Fame member!

As of today the same goes for or3o! (Welcome to the site man!)

Thanks to both of you for the support!

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