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Prior Videogame Experience Research Study


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Hello all,

My colleagues and I from the Illinois Institute of Technology are conducting a research study to develop a measure of prior videogame experience (PVGE), intended to help develop and use learning games. Currently, we are trying to link situational and dispositional factors with PVGE through an online survey to validate the new scale. Please help us with the research by participating in this brief and confidential survey, approved by the university's institutional review board. The link is provided: https://iitresearchrs.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6qZvi2oTDyXwbYN

I would be glad to answer any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


You guys might have seen a similar post before (asking for input on the taxonomy of games). Please note, this is a new study and survey, created with your prior feedback in mind.

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11 hours ago, Zeepanda said:

Took ~15 minutes.

Perfect! Exactly what we were aiming for. :)
Thank you!

10 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

Completed the survey. Maybe not so many repeat questions next time. I know they are to ensure that people have consistent answers but a little too much :P

Duly noted. Scale designers do indeed love their inter-item correlation figures... :rolleyes:

And thank you very much, Vus and MCADAMS! Much appreciated. 

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