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Dedication to my dog


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   Ty all so much. My wife says you are all wonderful people. Malcolm was like our child. I know he was just a dog but he was really a great dog. We spent a whole year looking for the right dog. We did not just run out and get one. We had 4 of the most fantastic pet years together you could ever ask for. We totally thought we had many more to come. I am 47 years old and this is the first time ever that my cheeks are puffy and swollen from crying. My buddy is gone and I would do anything to just be able to cuddle him one more time. This hurts so much. I post here because you all are the closest thing I have to a community. I wish I could contribute more. I wish I could be more engaging. I look at all of the wonderful posts for this fantastic game engine and I see all of your efforts and struggles.

   I plan to stop working on Ambardia Reborn now. I have several very interested parties that would like to help me get Ambardia into the fast track for a Steam green light publication. I think it's time to pull my most trusted friends and developers together and get the ball rolling. 11 years ago I discovered Eclipse. Within weeks I had developed the frame work of Ambardia. I posted that Ambardia would be one of the biggest and best games to ever come out of Eclipse. The trolls wasted no time tearing my ass apart. I'm so thankful there's not as much of that here.

   Ambardia will be one of the best Intersect games this community will ever see. I hope to be able to not only develop my game but help all of you out as well. Your support and caring means the world to me.



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