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  1. Here's some mapping for the "Forest of the Spirit God": At the end of these, the player will finish the tutorial and be sent to the main "Beast Realm" where he will be able to explore and learn more about his power and the other realm. Of course in game you will be in complete darkness except your own light and some green light to help you figure the right way.
  2. The past days, I've been working looking for usefull sprites that i will use for the differents "races" of animals and done a classification for the gameplay of the one i keepped. I've done also the map where you come after fleeing from the Orc, there is an everbattle between human coming from the east and the Orc from the west, you must find your way to the forest to meet a Spirits God.
  3. Hi, just a little things i've experimented myself : do not forget to set damage on "True" or else you will do less heal if your ally got a lot of defense !
  4. For the test i've made and my own experience i think it's correct. Also, if the "class" speed is set static, the weapon speed will be settled on it.
  5. Hi everyone, I've started looking at intersect last week, and since i can't do what i want on this engine (Too much missing feature for my actual needs) I'm going on another kind of project : Beast Realm, the player will play as Spirit who can take shape in differents animals and protect their land from human, orcs and other invasion. I will make a post about it later. Everything is destructible and will have long time of respawning in later gameplay ( there's npc and things but it would spoil story) So here's the first map where you get captured by the Orc Slaver ! ' And the second with the escape tunnel: Also made Three quest and one with multiple answers Of course i've only done this with the asset inside the engine as there is a lack of details, but i'm looking for more things wich could give more "life" to the map. Hope you will enjoy and if you have some questions/note, just feel free to do.
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