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  1. I propose to create sections for crafting items, so that everything does not lie on one list
  2. Reinstalling GitHub Desktop helped solve this problem
  3. Why i cant clone repo? I was following the documentation but... I got this
  4. Hello! Can someone create auction system like Blade and Soul? For example But maybe simple then Bns
  5. Help me pls. I dont understand how to install. I read doc and write git apply --check ****.patch. Where i can find patch name? Or i need copy that code and save as patch in... (where?) Sorry for my English UPD. I did it. Thx for the patch!
  6. I think the design of the buttons and background is too realistic for a pixel 2D MMORPG game. I think we should stick to this design. The buttons are too hard and merge with the text. Very straining to the eye. Sorry for my English, I use a translator
  7. Why is my buttons cropped (right side)?
  8. Thx, but i have new question. Why is my buttons cropped (right side)?
  9. When i replace UI images its not update in the game. For example - Login button In game -> My button-> Sorry for my English
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