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  1. I propose to create sections for crafting items, so that everything does not lie on one list
  2. Reinstalling GitHub Desktop helped solve this problem
  3. No... Its doesn't help
  4. Why i cant clone repo? I was following the documentation but... I got this
  5. Hello! Can someone create auction system like Blade and Soul? For example But maybe simple then Bns
  6. Help me pls. I dont understand how to install. I read doc and write git apply --check ****.patch. Where i can find patch name? Or i need copy that code and save as patch in... (where?) Sorry for my English UPD. I did it. Thx for the patch!
  7. I think the design of the buttons and background is too realistic for a pixel 2D MMORPG game. I think we should stick to this design. The buttons are too hard and merge with the text. Very straining to the eye. Sorry for my English, I use a translator
  8. Why is my buttons cropped (right side)?
  9. Thx, but i have new question. Why is my buttons cropped (right side)?
  10. When i replace UI images its not update in the game. For example - Login button In game -> My button-> Sorry for my English
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