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  1. UseresU

    WIP neo town

    will there be english too once this game release? i hope so
  2. yeah, i tried it last night. i was shocked with the mobs in lorencia it was awesooooome hahaha the spider, the dragon, the bull. but the bull seems too small compare to dragon thou. but i loved it. cant wait for release. hope there's a combo for BK too, the skills too. looking forward for full release, it gives me hype.
  3. oh wow, didnt expect to find it here. i used to play the Lost Continent MU until the admin decide to migrate us in global server. I am from PH Server. is this still on beta?
  4. UseresU

    Playable Nova RPG

    is there english version for this one?
  5. is the game will have free movement or just like cross movement?
  6. 2085 please release this now, i wanna play thisss i've been looking this kind of game
  7. yeah, dont bother. I must say, the admin of this game is the worst stuff ever. telling everyone that DBZ fighter copied their game lol
  8. i heard last few months or it was last year, they're updating it to english version. i dont know if they did already
  9. ohhh, thank you. now i understand why cause i was trying to msg someone for about 2days already lol
  10. why i cant send a msg for someone? it says "you are only allowed to send 0 message per day. please try again later."
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