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  1. UseresU

    Looking for a (PAID Sprite Artist)

    still looking
  2. UseresU

    Looking for a (PAID Sprite Artist)

    Yes, and same arrangement of this
  3. can someone make me this of luffy's? i will pay for every ability I also want Akainu, Aokiji, WhiteBeard, Marco, Zoro, Chopper, Marco. i want their armament haki please msg me so we can talk about it and the price. thanks! P.S i want their walk/attack style just like the 1sprite that I Squared in there. i want it to be like that so is their ability
  4. UseresU

    Wing of Misadventure - RPG Maker MMO

    i heard last few months or it was last year, they're updating it to english version. i dont know if they did already
  5. UseresU

    [$$$] Offering Programing Services

    julio, i pm'd you in skype
  6. UseresU

    [Paid] Revangale's Pixel Shop

    hi, i pm'd you in skype
  7. UseresU


    ohhh, thank you. now i understand why cause i was trying to msg someone for about 2days already lol
  8. UseresU


    why i cant send a msg for someone? it says "you are only allowed to send 0 message per day. please try again later."