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  1. I love the idea, keep it up! ♥
  2. I love it, but has open source been released yet? If so, I didn't even know.
  3. I uploaded a short video in the post about Deathalla, I hope you like it!
  4. Thank you! There is not yet a downloadable but soon there will be!
  5. Welcome to Valhalla the paradise of every Nordic! Where to fight and eat is an everyday thing .... Enter the great Sands to fight with your companions, until the great imminent arrival of the great wolf Fenrir! The Ragnarok will be overcome, but unfortunately our God ODIN will die in the clutches of Fenrir.. Although Valhalla will continue for eternity, when you become a God, you can enter the Qualifying queues to prove that you are the most powerful of all Midgard You must fight the best warriors. SHORT VIDEO OF DEATHALLA Systems: General arena all against all ►2◄ Coaches room ►1◄ Arena PvP 1vs1 ►4◄ At level 30 you can enter the queues of qualifying 1 vs 1 Where you will fight to climb and be the strongest warrior in Midgard ►5◄ Skins Marriages (In the future) Clans Runes Photos: Great hall of Freyja: Arena PvP 1 vs 1: General Arena: Hall of Trainers: You can follow us on Instagram Facebook
  6. abrir puerto: IP: pones la que te aparezca en: Inicio: Buscar: CMD, Dentro pones IPCONFIG. y te van a salir algunas direcciones pero tenes que poner la que empieza con: 192. el ultimo numero siempre varia, a veces es .105, 100, 101, 102, etc. Cada vez que se reinicie tendras que poner ese ultimo numero en la parte donde abris los puertos en la pagina de tu proveedor de internet.
  7. Debes abrir el puerto en la pagina de tu proveedor de internet.
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