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  1. Hello guys. I can do maintenance and implement new systems on VB6, C# engines (I dont know Unity), and Im waiting for Interserc source code release. I'm not sure about my programming skills, but you can check it on my github. The value of the service depends on what you need, I can start from 10$. Payment method: Paypal. Skype: juliosperandio Discord: DragonicK#0428 Example of work: Crystalshire (C# Server) https://github.com/DragonicK/Crystalshire-C-Server
  2. DragonicK

    [VB6] Crystalshire Game Engine

    Was removed. I read what robin write, "need to use your own graphics". At moment i only wanna test.
  3. DragonicK

    [VB6] Crystalshire Game Engine

    and about graphics?
  4. DragonicK

    [VB6] Crystalshire Game Engine

    Could someone post resource files? I would like to test that engine.