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  1. Okay, thank you i will wait, i really need your feature, good work !
  2. it doesnt work with last build with all frame animation right ? I can't add the patch.
  3. Try in the render folder, i had the same problem and i clear it with copy the font file in the monogame folder but cant remember which, maybe the one where the rendering font are.
  4. move the font file in the pipeline monogame folder.
  5. Sorry for the update.. It work fine but in the server side i cant see where the animation is generated, can you help me or just direct me to the line approximatively ? Thank
  6. Client side, i'm thinking the animation is define here : (sorry for bad english) Intersect.client / Entities / Entity : Line 868 if (Options.AnimatedSprites.Contains(sprite.ToLower())) { srcRectangle = new FloatRect( AnimationFrame * (int) Texture.GetWidth() / 8, d * (int) Texture.GetHeight() / 4, (int) Texture.GetWidth() / 8, (int) Texture.GetHeight() / 4 ); } Because more line further you also have the frame for attacking, for walk and then for the paperdoll
  7. For the animation, i'm sure you don't have to modify the source, it ill work without change
  8. UP ! Anyone has an idea ? When i say i want to make animation with this 4 frame i speak of this :
  9. Nice work, hope you make it full work with projectile.
  10. update if you fix that, cool feature, good luck !
  11. I have made a frame attack, who first work perfectly : Now we want to make the animation of attack with 4 frame, if anyone have an idea i will take. The objective is the attack use frame 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 this is the code in Intersect.Client -> Entities -> Entity.cs line 879. Maybe with While/For loop but it doesnt work.
  12. Problem solved with re-installing, thank for you fast support ! <3
  13. Can't run : in english : Visual Studio can't run debogage, because the debogage target '...' is missing. Generate the project et retry or define the properties OutputhPath and AssemblyName consequently for which point to the appropriate location of the target assembly.
  14. Hey, i can't compile the source, this is the message error : https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/start/compiling.html i have do all the manipulation written here.
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