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  1. i will post 2 attack animation if u want soon
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a C# Developer who can make some features for my game. I'm working on pre-release 0.7. this is the feature i need : Adapt Diagonal Movement (0.6) on 0.7 add one more attack frame sound when get hit and hit a npc or player name appear when mouse is on hide the chatbox and show when press enter or press on the chatbar I will pay for this. You can contact me on discord : ايدن#4230
  3. that a really nice programe, it's really hard to balance a RPG. Congratulations and thx !
  4. Hello ! I will start the creation of a Dragon Ball Z project based on Intersect 0.7. I'm looking first for a UI GFX, who can make all the UI for the game. I can paid, but if you are looking for a project and you are free agent, we can discuss on discord. And i'm looking too for a C# Developer, i can paid too, but if you want to work with me we can discuss too on discord. I can paid for all the work, reasonably because i'm a student. My discord is : ايدن#4230 I will show u the looking of my game and i will explain u what I see for the future of my game. It's a really serious project, which i spend already a lot of time, but I restart from 0.
  5. Hello, i have change the client icon with Visual Studio. When i launch the client, in the game windows its this : but in the windows bar : Anyone has the same problem ?
  6. I have make a simple Kihoha animation, elec animation on player and SSJ3 attack and cast anim ^^ (with mapping)
  7. Hey, I want to add a feature to my game : If it's possible i want 3 animation sprite, and then when player is attacking it's display 1 of the 3 animation possible. I can pay if someone can do this.
  8. Did it will be compatible with dev branch and diagonal movement patch ? i'm interested to buy this !
  9. Hello, In the class parameter we can make a respawn point for the class, but there is a way to make the player spawn in an map for the start, but for all dead after this in a special map ?
  10. I just set the limit to 3 and still crash.. (thank to trying help me)
  11. He is set to one, but after test, the server dont crash but its the client, the server still online.
  12. Hello, I'm working on dev branch 6.2, when i create a character my server is crashing. Do you know how to solve this ? if you need more information, i have apply diagonale patch and the running. edit: i have try with the 6.2 dev version without diagonale and running and i have the same problem.
  13. For me, the combinaison with the diagonale movements dont work
  14. It's an autotiles i think, in editor, in tile type choose autotiles
  15. I understand where is the problem. The first first error who make i cant apply the running patch was with this lines : diff --git a/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs b/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs index e7af06e0..7ae3299c 100644 --- a/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs +++ b/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs @@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ public class Player : Entity public Guid TargetIndex; public int TargetType; - + public Player(Guid id, PlayerEntityPacket packet) : base(id, packet) { for (var i = 0; i < Options.MaxHotbar; i++) @@ -814,7 +814,17 @@ private void HandleInput() movex = 1; } - Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; + if (Controls.KeyDown(Control.Running)) + { + Running = true; + } + else + { + Running = false; + } + + + Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; if (movex != 0f || movey != 0f) { if (movey < 0) @@ -1873,7 +1883,7 @@ public void DrawTargets() } } - } + } public class FriendInstance { @@ -1902,4 +1912,6 @@ public void Load(string data) } + + } diff --git a/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs b/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs index 7ae3299c..cc874571 100644 --- a/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs +++ b/Intersect.Client/Entities/Player.cs @@ -814,17 +814,9 @@ private void HandleInput() movex = 1; } - if (Controls.KeyDown(Control.Running)) - { - Running = 1; - } - else - { - Running = 0; - } + Running = Controls.KeyDown(Control.Running); - - Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; + Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; if (movex != 0f || movey != 0f) { if (movey < 0) I let u see what the error i have : It mean that its not possible ton convert int type in boolean. The error is from here 1000000000000%.
  16. Embedded Video Link Sorry for spam, here is a video of two bug i have, my entities continue to take the running animation while stand.
  17. Hello, First i'm using the dev version with entities animations like _idle _attack. I have succesfully applied the diagonal mouvement patch and the running. (also the MouseScroll) but now after pressing attack boutton, the player is blocked at the last frame : i'm not that good at C#, so if anyone have an idea where is the probem in the code. Thank you.
  18. I'm using 1024x768, i think i will try to make the chatbox smaller
  19. Hello, Do you think it's possible to make the chatbox transparent while keeping good visiblity ? Because the chatbox take a lot of place on the screen. I have try to make the chatbox transparent but we dont see as good the letter.
  20. this is it, thank for the help !
  21. Hello, i try to exchange the position of the chatbox and the playerbox, so i make the playerbox "Bounds": "4,4,314,208", same as the chatbox and then the chatbox bounds at the same of the old entity box but when i start the game, there is no change and after this my file are back to the old Bounds param. Anyone has this problem ?
  22. I have test it on the dev branch too, but i think i have apply the diagonal pach... have you got an idea to compile the two ?
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