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  1. Rudra no Heihou / Treasure of the Rudra RIPS

    Afaik these are the only rips on the web, as i have been looking for them myself. If anyone has better rips most likely they ripped it themselves.
  2. Adding Mobs / Staff

    Can you upload one of the sprite sheets you are attempting to use?
  3. Graphics Simple Pixel Sick Day

    @Zetasis Very very awesome art!
  4. NPC Editor Spell Freq.

    Well.. Could it perhaps be the other way around instead?
  5. Best member nominee poll

    Alright. That's fine, since you added me to the poll. I voted for myself btw, just to get the ball rolling on all my votes
  6. Best member nominee poll

    Can't believe i am not on this list. Totally disappointed.
  7. WIP World of Adea

    Been super busy working 12+ hrs/day this last week. But i have had some time to do some work. Since the last update: Finished zombie sprites with two different palettes. Two additional paperdolled items finished (one robe and one weapon) Finished mapping a crypt which serves as a mini dungeon with puzzles and traps, the crypt is tuned to be explored just after you've advanced to your first class, and the location is hinted by NPC dialogues, as well as how to open the door. You could view the crypt as a kind of tutorial to dungeons. Will add the puzzles etc in the coming days Here's a rather empty teaser of the first level of the crypt:
  8. WIP World of Adea

    Today's update! Been working a lot on my own graphics, finished a lot of paperdolls (just missing a few pieces needed for play testing, other than that it's complete) Apart from graphical things i've completed a lot of minor things like improved quest texts, item/spell descriptions, spell sounds & animations etc Also started working on custom NPCs, here is a zombie i've been working on, though not the finalized version, i still wanted to show it! Zoomed 300%
  9. WIP World of Adea

    -UPDATE- I have been doing pretty much the same as yesterday and the day before that, pixel art and paperdolls! I'm going to try and have a trailer and some more stills and info up and running by the 31st at the latest! (If time allows, otherwise shortly thereafter) Hello! If you're referring to the animation that's played when walking down, that will be fixed once source is out and we can add our own attack animations. Right now i'd rather have the attack animation as part of the walking animation than the other way around , other than that, it's all in sync.. Anyway, the slicing part of the attack is an animation thats connected to the item. And thanks!
  10. WIP World of Adea

    As promised, i am here with an update! I started making the paperdolls with my own custom items! Here's a dagger, armor, and shield: And the same armor with a sword and shield: Today i made 13 new paperdolls(weapons, shields, armours, boots, and robes) I've got a lot more to do and more to come
  11. NPCs as entities

    Will Intersect recognize NPCs as entities through events at some point? So that NPCs can spawn other NPCs for example. Or is that something that has to be added once source is released?
  12. WIP World of Adea

    Hi people! I hope people are excited for my project! I have both good and "bad" news. Good news first. Pretty much everything is finished. You can currently play up until your first class change, and a bit after. Now for the bad news, which kind of has good news in them. I'm delaying any kind of playtesting unfortunately. The reason for delaying things is simple, i want more in the game. I work full time, with irregular weekdays, meaning i am at work for about 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, with three days off every three weeks. I don't have a lot of time, but i put in time whenever i can. I don't think a lot of people are excited for my project, but for those that are interested, sorry! Regarding the exact reasons i'm delaying testing is because i want to do these things: Add custom paperdolls, meaning i will make them work with GCH so i can make better looking NPCs. This also means i'm less limited, so that i can have a wider array of equipment available for players Add custom NPCs, meaning enemies Fine tune quests and overall balance Have the Ranger subclass be playable with playtest release And a lot of less important things not worth mentioning here, but those are the big ones It's a lot of work, but it will (hopefully) be worth it. Until playtest i will try to update the thread with what i'm working on, especially since i have done a lot of work since my last post in October and not posted any of them. I'll keep you guys posted & updated! Thanks!
  13. Graphics Feedback on pixel art

    I made some new pieces today, while they're a bit mismatched due to colors and such, i just wanted to put them together to see what they would look like on a fully decked out character! I didn't make these with the intent to work together, just to make them The wand definitely needs some darker shading(it is built with 5 different shades of brown), and the cloth cap could perhaps be a bit more dark blue, or a bit more grey to match the robe. Here are the pieces separately: And here is another, though semi deck: Armor separately: Hope someone likes it!
  14. Graphics Feedback on pixel art

    Thanks a lot man! Hehe I see what you mean! It looks much better a bit zoomed in Thanks!