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  1. This is a old map concept of my game using a lot of references from tilesets. I was testing the connections and a lot objects and layers, probably i will use those but to make more original. Now starting from zero. Login Room Map, inspired by Greed Island from Hunter x Hunter.
  2. Working on elixirs that change the hairstyles. When a unnequip the item of the hairstyle (Essence) the autorun event will execute autoequip that, so this prevent that the head is bald. Also, the npc dont give another elixir if already one exist in the inventory, so this prevent duplicated hairstyles. If you use another hairstyle elixir, the old will be erased, to prevent only one hairstyle in the inventory and no duplicates. Login menu: Esc Menu in-game: Some gif of the UI, all made from photoshop and editing the .json files, took me 2 months! (January and February)
  3. Thanks, tried a few times seeing and understanding the result now correctly, it's my fault believing that is the configuration of the spawn animation itselft. So, how can i make the arrow shot after the end of the paperdoll animation like this and not instantly? : Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! Tried to make arrow animation for bow weapons, and notice that the spawn delay (ms) is not working or dont making any effect in the game, so tried a fresh latest install of Intersect ( and the results are the same. Here are the projectile and animation configurations: Video of the problem with delay spawn of the projectile:
  5. Hola! me llamo Hugo y tengo bastante pasión por MMO (su dinámica e interacción) he pasado desde juegos antiguos como Diablo 2 hasta los modernos como Black Desert Online, había echado un vistazo al engine Intersect pero lo dejé en favoritos para algún día revisarlo bien, estuve desarrollando un juego de Pokémon Online con RPG Maker y logré levantarlo unas semanas con una pequeña cantidad de amigos, sin embargo dado que estaba limitado al RPG Maker, poco a poco lo fui dejando en hiatus, por ese entonces me decidí a mirar Intersect y lo encontré muy bueno, por lo que puse manos a la obra y desencantarme en un RPG de Fantasía inspirado en los juegos anteriores mencionados, el nombre temporal designado es "MAGAMI Online". Por ahora llevo 3 semanas probando Intersect y he estado probando con assets o RTP de RPG Maker, he aquí un vistazo:
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