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  1. I agree with Essence, there's no essence to the game. What is the distinguishing factor between this game and others? It's a nice project and it's really good that you have functionality; however, I'm not terribly convinced that the game has any uniqueness to it.
  2. This status was first posted by a 13 year old girl before she died in a fruit blender accident. Copy and repost this status for good luck all day. If you do not share, the ghost of the girl will comeback and make you smoothies based on goatmilk and rotten fruit.

  3. GalacticGlum

    WIP Nimue

    The design.
  4. GalacticGlum

    WIP Nimue

    Overall, the site looks really nice! However, you should fix the login and register buttons.
  5. Awesome! Really good choice with switching to Kryonet by the way, no need to reinvent the wheel; especially when you have such great tools available!
  6. Yep, it should be common sense haha. Take a look at Python, I find it much better than Lua. It's much more powerful, in my opinion. But yeah, don't worry about it for now.
  7. That's awesome! Just a few things to keep in mind (not sure if you've already covered them): 1. Use a database for storing information (MySql, Postgres, and MongoDB are all good options). 2. DO NOT STORE PASSWORDS IN PLAINTEXT. You'll want to hash and salt the passwords using a secure algorithm (i.e. bcrypt). 3. I recommend reading up on various security methods. Computerphile has a ton of good videos on network security. 4. Remember to never trust the client. Seriously, never trust it. The server should make all decisions. I know my "tips" were uninvited and I may even come off as arrogant by putting them in this post (a sort of backseat programming) but I feel as they are relatively important, even for the initiated. I see way too many projects inspired by Eclipse Origins ignore the aforementioned things; instead opting to store data in raw files (without a database engine), exposing passwords in plaintext, and disregarding security. Note: I am not intending to be a backseat programmer, just offering my insight. Lua sounds really cool. I've enjoyed integrating it into my games before. However, I am not sure whether the Lua support in Java is all that good. NLua for instance, while it is easy to use and fairly powerful, it is also pretty slow. That is not to say that you can't do Lua in Java because you certainly can. Just don't make the mistake of doing too much in Lua. I've done that before and it killed performance. I like to use Lua for scripting gameplay behaviour/logic. In any case, your progress has been stellar and I wish you the best of luck! If you need any good multiplayer programming resources, hit me up, I have a ton of books and resources I can recommend.
  8. It is beautiful! Seriously, great work. You're really talented.
  9. Looks like a really promising project. Keep it up!
  10. Why not just make on CharacterData component instead? I wouldn't be so frivolous on trying to make that aspect more generic.
  11. Haha, yes. It is indeed that theme but nonethless I did design the site myself: you'll notice the two sites do look different.
  12. Thanks, and yes I designed it myself.
  13. What do you guys think of my portfolio site (it's not finished yet). http://galacticglum.com
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