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  1. Weylon Santana's post in New Animation System was marked as the answer   
    @Xiphoid The new animation system was created so if you have 1 base sprite, you can use different types of animations. It is an extension of the standard "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon"
    Imagine you have a base image - player.png
    If you wanted to add attack, cast and animation for when you have a weapon equipped, you would do
    player_attack.png, player_cast.png, player_weapon.png
    Now imagine that this same base image will have to use a different animation for each class (unarmed attack), you would do
    player_attack_warrior.png, player_attack_monk.png, player_attack_mage.png
    The same is for cast and weapon add another "_" and customize the name you want
    player_cast_fire.png, player_cast_water.png, player_cast_wind.png
    player_weapon_sword.png, player_weapon_axe.png, player_weapon_bow.png
    It was a system designed also for classes that use two different weapons, such as an archer that would have an animation for a bow and a crossbow.
    Speaking of weapons that shoot projectiles, if the item/spell has a custom animation, the _shoot will not work, as the custom animation will be priority
    this extension only works for "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon"
    add another "_" and type the name you want
    always follow this pattern
  2. Weylon Santana's post in Custom Boss Help was marked as the answer   
    1- no
    2- no
    3- https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/
  3. Weylon Santana's post in How to make an NPC a permanent partner? was marked as the answer   
    programming within the source
  4. Weylon Santana's post in How is Block intended to work? was marked as the answer   
    Blocks dont work anymore, this is the old block function:
  5. Weylon Santana's post in HP Bar Bug was marked as the answer   
    In the playerbox, there are 3 items about hpbar that must be configured.

    In "bounds" did you check if the width and height of these three components are the same as that of mana?
  6. Weylon Santana's post in Color change Quest Log and Craft was marked as the answer   
    I have tried too, but unlucky, i believe its in source.
  7. Weylon Santana's post in Cannot translate Equipment Slots was marked as the answer   
    No, it's in the server's config that translates.
    Have you looked at the export? Whether the notepad is saving to UTF-8? Put in "save as..." and check. When I translated using notepad this error occurred why it was not encoding utf-8.
    I downloaded a clean version of version 7.105 and translated using notepad ++ and the translation took place normally.

    If not, then put the server log as well.
  8. Weylon Santana's post in [B7] Custom cursor was marked as the answer   
    I also had these doubts today.  A .png file in the misc folder was what worked for me.  Then in the config on the client put the name of the file.png
  9. Weylon Santana's post in Como usar tiles menores! was marked as the answer   
    é possivel, nos arquivos do servidor, na area de mapa (pesquisa por "32", que tu deve achar)
    lá voce pode mudar o tamanho do mapa, que deve ser 32x26, e la tbm tem tile height e width, que estão iguais 32x32, basta colocar 16 em ambos, isso deve modificar a seleção do tile no mapeamento, além dos tiles no mapa.
    Vai dar também uma impressão de que o mapa diminuiu de tamanho, por que agora são 32 tiles de 16x16 de largura e de altura.
    Faça isso somente em um projeto vazio. Se você fizer em um projeto existente poderá corromper tudo. Faça sempre backup antes dessas modificações.
    Outra solução é redimensionar todos seus tiles 16x16 em 200% deixando-os 32x32, caso não deseje fazer alterações tão importantes.
  10. Weylon Santana's post in Map Grid Zoom was marked as the answer   
    I use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out on map grid. Try it.
  11. Weylon Santana's post in Global Common Event Help Needed was marked as the answer   
    I would just like to make a correction to your script, the logic of the intersect has changed a little in 6.2. The "Set variable to true" should be the last command, below the message successful in chat. This is because when you set it to true, it goes out of the "if it is false" condition, so it doesn't reproduce the rest of the script. It has been like that in b6.2
  12. Weylon Santana's post in Versão do Intersect was marked as the answer   
    Baixa a versao "updater" da versao stable ou development. Existe "full", "updater" e "patcher".
    Se desejar tbm pode baixar a full.
    Apos baixar e extrair o "updater", verá que tem somente os arquivos .exe e .pdb, basta substituir. 
    Sao 6 arquivos. 3 .exe e 3 .pdb
    Basta substituir.
    Para ver os detalhes, veja:
    Se essa resposta for util, marque como a melhor resposta.
  13. Weylon Santana's post in Playing mp4 or gif animation for a "cutscene" was marked as the answer   
    Easy method: only by changing the source.
    Insane method: you can place each frame of the image (gif), as an image (.png) in the image folder, and create a common event for that. Then, in the common event, place the command to hold the player, show the image waiting for a while (something like 200ms), then do it for all frames (show image, wait, show, wait, show, wait), and in the end release the player and teleport him.
    it is possible to do without changing the source, but as I said, a little insane.
  14. Weylon Santana's post in Auto Loot was marked as the answer   
    Of course, I don't mind teaching.
    1 - Create a common event. Name it with something you remember, let's go for "NpcDrop".
    2 - In the NPC editor, you can run the common event "NpcDrop" when the npc die.
    3 - In the event in question, you will define his drop.
    From this point you can put your imagination. I'll give you examples...
    1 - If you want a normal drop.
    Change items - Deliver item Item x Successfully delivered --Show text in chat: You received item X. If it fails to deliver --Show text in chat: Delivery failed, check your inventory.
    2 - If you want a drop with a chance to give more items
    Create an int local variable - DropItem
    In the common event
    --Set Variable "DropItem" random between x and y (Choose numbers) --Conditional branching {DropItem = 1} [Repeat - 1 - If you want a normal drop.) Else End of branching. --Conditional branching {DropItem = 2} [Repeat - 1) Else End of branching. --Conditional branching {DropItem = 3} [Repeat - 1) Else End of branching. And so on...
    3 - If you want a drop with a chance to give items based on a skill, skill.
    You will have to use your skills which are in variables, say "HuntMastery"
    In this case, let's say that the maximum of this ability is 10.
    If HuntMastery = or < than 5, deliver 3 items. if > deliver 5 items.
    --Conditional branching {Variable HuntMastery = <5} (Repeat - 1) Else (Repeat - 1, giving more items) End of the branch.
    4 - If you want a drop based on the lucky percentage.
    You can use the Intersect 6.1 function
    Or Create an item, let's call "Lucky charm" an amulet that gives the player 10% luck to receive more items.
    -- Set the value of the variable "Random" between 1 and 100. -- Conditional branching {Player has at least 1 "Lucky Charm"} -- Set the value of the Random variable (add 10) else End of Branching --Conditional Branching {(Repeat 3 - Replacing "HuntMastery" with "Random")} . . .
    5 - All previous.
    Just copy and paste all the codes within branches. Always remembering to set the value of variables as DropItem or Random to a random value between a number X and Y before entering the branches.
    --Set Variable "DropItem" random between x and y (Choose numbers) -- Set the value of the variable "Random" between 1 and 100. -- Conditional branching {Player has at least 1 "Lucky Charm"} -- Set the value of the Random variable (add 10) else End of Branching --Conditional branching {DropItem = 1} -- Conditional branching {Variable Random = <50} (Repeat - 1) Else (Repeat - 1, giving more items) Else End of the branch. Else End of branching. If any of these works for you, then there will be no need to make changes to the source and you can mark my answer as "best answer". Every time the npc dies it will activate his death event, delivering random items, setting random values, depending on what you want, and everything in the inventory.
  15. Weylon Santana's post in Client does not open. was marked as the answer   

    It worked! I was stupid now hahaha
  16. Weylon Santana's post in Color loss was marked as the answer   
    So ok. If there is nothing to do I will leave it in my own language.
  17. Weylon Santana's post in Move Route for Player was marked as the answer   
    That's not the case. Note in the 2 videos - I put '' hold player '' then in the same event that I put '' set move route ''
    I figured the hold player blocked the player, so we developers could control the player with the set move route, but it blocks even the event from controlling it.
    It worked out right on the first video because it's two different pages. I removed the Hold player from all the events in which I wanted to set the route for the player and everything went well.
  18. Weylon Santana's post in So... Help with B5, to put online. was marked as the answer   
    I contacted the internet provider. They explained the occasion. They are running out of ips, and for that they are using the CGNAT system [something like this], so I can host the intersect [or any other game] would I have to hire an ip myself with them. So only local connections are allowed, public ip is not functional, not only for games, but for several systems as well.
    Here is the answer @jcsnider. What I have left then is to think of a vps or cloud service. Thanks for listening.
  19. Weylon Santana's post in What about Sound? was marked as the answer   
    Sounds must to be in wav format. Music must be in ogg.
  20. Weylon Santana's post in About damage formulas was marked as the answer   
    1 - Nop, just the creators can or you when the source is out.
    2 - I believe nop. I dont see events managing damages types.
    1 - On server side, in config.xml, you can manage how much drops can happen, in editor side, in resources or npcs, you can manage all drops, with events its no possible to manage the drop chance. I see other way to do this, more fun, more fast.
    2 - As i Said, isnot mandatory kill some scort to catch the flag. The player can just touch on event to catch the flag to return to own group.
    Isnot Possible. Just with the source.
    Nop. Sometimes happen when you link a lot maps fast. Its a bug, i believe someone was reported, so just wait to Jc fix this.
    For organizational purposes, Jc asks only one question per topic be posted. In your title you say "about the formula", but it is already involving many other things besides the formula. Read the rules on agd, is boring but keep you away from troubles.
    And welcome.
  21. Weylon Santana's post in Event editor (Label) ? was marked as the answer   
    The Label and Go to Label event commands are a pair of commands that need each other to work correctly. The Label command creates a sort of markup on the next layer command where it is placed in the event. It is therefore possible to go to this mark whenever the user wishes, using the Go to Label command. Here's an example:
    <> text: What do you want from me? <> choices: your name, your age, nothing <> If you choose "your name" <> Go to Label "name" <> <> If you choose "your age" <> Go to Label "your age" <> <> If you choose "nothing" <> Label "exit" <> Exit Event Processing <> <> Label "name" <> text: My name is Ricky <> Go to Label "exit" <> <> Label "your age" <> text: I'm 15 years old <> Go to Label "exit" <> Although the above example is simple, it shows how you can basically use the Label command. These commands are often used in place of the cycle, an event command that, while in use, prevents other events from being executed until it is finished by repeating the commands in its layer. The label may have a similar purpose.
  22. Weylon Santana's post in About Skills was marked as the answer   
    Poisoning is not yet an option in the effects section of the spell editor.
    Look at this tutorial in the "Combat Spell" section and you can try using "Heal / Damage Over Time" combined with "Stat Boost / Effect Duration" to create a poisoned effect.
    "Stat Boost / Effect Duration" will set how long an effect lasts. If you try to put an additional effect and do not set a time in that area then it will not have any effect.
    Regarding the possibility of having a percentage for that effect to hit the player, it is still not an available option.
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