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  1. Update with this : Playlists with Youtube videos about game design.
  2. For a lot more useful resources and some more Dank knowledge : https://game-development.zeef.com/
  3. This is dank af boyy.
  4. So I decided to make a donation in the name of Arcwyre's team for you guys. Thank you for helping us out with the project. Keep being awesome! ;D

    1. SherwiN


      Donate some for poor people like myself then :)

      In the name of Arcwyre's Team

    2. Hanox


      S3nd Nud3$

  5. Checked it out, it seems it happens if you scroll in the background, while the menu is popped out. I'll take a look at it later on, because it is not a major issue. Thank you for noticing this!
  6. Open source, but if you want to follow some video guides, I recommend Pluralsight. They take you from zero to hero quickly and easy. You have to pay for it though.
  7. Feelsbadman.
  8. My thoughts on the launch and the first two versions of Arcwyre can be found here !
  9. Although when the forums are ready, there will be a bugs section. Probably we'll use that.
  10. I'll work on a platform for bug reports. Thanks for these bugs. I'll make'em work today.
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are going to fix this problem soon. As @Kibbelz said, it's probably because we upgraded to the new version of Intersect. We've also lost some progress, but recovered it quick. Stay tuned!
  12. Thank you! We hope you'll stick around!
  13. You get in the new faction... Cuclus Clan.
  14. -- Sentinel class base hp was increased to 35 from 30.
  15. @NotAzizele is not online at the moment. I'll come back with further news. The launch will still be today, probably. Stay tuned!