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  1. No, it is not open to play yet. @NotAzizele is waiting for the next Engine update in order to push the new update. The content for the new release is nearly fully developed, though.
  2. It has been a pleasure working with @NotAzizele. I fully recommend this project and I hope I can see it happen!
  3. Update with this : Playlists with Youtube videos about game design.
  4. For a lot more useful resources and some more Dank knowledge : https://game-development.zeef.com/
  5. Open source, but if you want to follow some video guides, I recommend Pluralsight. They take you from zero to hero quickly and easy. You have to pay for it though.
  6. I haven't thought of this approach. I will try this, thank you.
  7. So, I've got this boss for my dungeon. I want him to have two forms. And after his death, his second form should spawn. How can I achieve that?
  8. Great job! Can't wait to play with it!
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. I hope that all your goals and dreams come true! I also really hope that this community will expand much further into 2017 and that more people will be attracted in game development. That's all I wanted to say, so, have a great year, way better than 2016! See you next year!!!
  10. @NotAzizele I hope everything goes well for you. Good luck.
  11. Applied for Content Creator.
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