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  3. It's a good start because, like you said, a really important point is have original resources, in that way you can use it freely and be more original (is to boring see the same thing in every game). I hope you can improve it and keep working on it Regards
  4. Hello, good people of Ascension. I've created a character for my game. It looks like utter shit, but quite frankly I don't care because it's a custom piece that I can use freely in any of my projects, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Enjoy. <3
  5. Ahaha I apologize to a lot of people. My way of designing things is out there XD I preferred lowercase because the uppercase seemed to serious for my game, in a sort of way. I can't explain it very well, but I thought lower case fit for a more cutesy game, however I know it will bug some people. Yeah seems to be hit or miss here, I've gotten really good opinions about the action bar and then others say yeah it needs to go lol. I personally like it but I'll see what I can do to make it more appealing! I appreciate all the feedback guys, thank you!
  6. Not too sure i like the random transparent circles around the character icon and vitals HUD. I really dislike the giant options and exit sign. I think making them all the same size in a 3x2 grid would look much nicer. Best of luck!
  7. Very neat but i would probably have preferred if everything where in uppercase as for now i can't help but notice the absence of the first capital letter and it kinda tickle me in the wrong spot But once again : very neat !
  8. Been browsing through your music, really amazing stuff!
  9. hosting from my computer in Brazil friend
  10. Yesterday
  11. Development purposes: OVH Active (released) servers: DigitalOcean If Intersect's server is ever redesigned for sharding, Amazon EC2 would be my suggestion for an active server unless you can lease servers in a data center, though this is scale well beyond what I think this community can manage to produce at the moment.
  12. what are the specs on your server?
  13. Majority of hosts I have used have been terrible experiences. My go-to would be Ownage, but full disclosure that's primarily because I have a friend there who was nice enough to give us a damn good discount. That said the VPS has been superb and their service/support has been on par with everywhere else I've hosted with. If I didn't have my connection at Ownage I would first look at OVH followed by Linode most likely. They are the only two that I have used in the past that I would consider using again. Placing I would recommend avoiding due to my own bad experiences however, include: 1&1 InMotion DreamHost (I will continue this list as I think of more) Regards, JC
  14. As I can assume since its in the Intersect section, that you are using Intersect XD As far as specific server hosts go, I would have no idea, however, Intersect server can run on linux. Therefore, you should buy a linux based host, as it would be much cheaper than lets say, a windows host.
  15. Hello Ascension Community! So I have a question that I don't think I've seen asked before. Does anyone have an ideal/preferred place to host your server? An example would be Digital Ocean. I ask because I am nearing the point of the alpha for my project and think it is time to start looking for some reliable places to host my server.
  16. Thanks man, worked hard putting it together! Edit: Updated the main post with the final UI
  17. It looks really pretty
  18. All of the code and language files are about ready for translations to start :) 

    1. JimmyJumpDrive


      try using zynato's code translator. ;)

    2. SPQR Panda
  19. You're very welcome! Hi everyone, I've added about 100 new texture images. You'll find them on the following pages: TXR - BRICK - (some new seamless "fantasy" bricks) TXR - GROUND - (stones that could be used for riverbeds, railroad beds, etc.) TXR - METAL - (both standard and seamless) TXR - ROCK/STONE - (lots of cool rock textures, both standard and seamless...realistic as well as fantasy creations) TXR - VEGETATION - (some cool ground cover that has a surreal look) Enjoy!
  20. i try and play this game, cause i don't understand the language, I did not continue, but good luck
  21. I am getting very good at knitting aparently :^)

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    2. SPQR Panda

      SPQR Panda

      Didn't know knitting was part of Intersect.

    3. Kibbelz


      Nah i just turn on my pc and knit whilst staring at AGD :^)

    4. Murdoc
  22. Aparently i just knit in the background. Back on topic. Ill try and play this game over the weekend and give some reviews. Been busy developing Intersect of late, would give me motivation to see my project in use
  23. I know, he private message me, but I notice that it was in .net didn't know if he was using damian's or jc's at the time.
  24. its Intersect
  25. Last week
  26. @PhenomenalDev Plenty all over the website. I found 10-20 web searching tbh.
  27. @Jack Daniels By the looks of it intersect, judging by the screenshots and controls listed but then again I don't know all the engines available.
  28. nope, 1 older then me
  29. Your english is good! Welcome to the community! Alot of us have come from communities like xtremeworld, Eclipse, etc. Funny, coming from (probably) the oldest member of the community<333
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