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  2. Sure he claims that they're free to use commercially and he's wrong. you can with RPGMAKER, not for another engine aka Intersect. Read here:
  3. I think the better thing to say is that they are infact based off of rpg makers graphics which should make users uneasy. Speaking for both Kibbelz and myself we would stress caution if you use these in a non RPG Maker engine. Nice share! ^^
  4. Look at this bro Creators of these assets wrote this .. Feel free to use my resources as you want, be it in free or commercial games, edited how you want, as bases for your own sprites, or for non-RPG Maker stuff (but don't ask me how to convert them to use in other programs XD) Just be sure to credit me! These resources are free to use
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  6. Even RPGMAKER graphic edits still withhold the same licence if you read it.
  7. Yeah dude i know its map graphics are not so good but sprites looks awesome And there are many websites which provides free assets but still on internet sprites resources are less than map tiles sets And its helps newbie indie game developer to start developing their game quickly with intersect or any other engine which support these resources
  8. I also don't wanna be a pessimist, awesome share btw, but when I see this style in any fashion it's an immediate turn off for me. They have been used so so so many times by so so so many garbage unoriginal games. Graphics essentially are the face of your product. And this, imo, are the epitome of unoriginality.
  9. Nah Bro these assets are based on RMXP , these are not RPG Maker resources These assets are created by Sithjester Team(Tana, Shinra999) These resources are free to download and use
  10. MonoGame works only on 64 OS . That's sad as I don't have that lol
  11. Long shot here since I do not know the code.... -But can you confirm your server is running and has not crashed? Based on the screenshot, it does not look like the case, but due diligence -Do you get the exception when using the Intersect Client (i.e. a pop-up box saying an error has occurred)? Or does it still run, but the exception is only in the log file? -Are you running the Intersect Server as an administrator? -Is your client pointing to the server on loopback ( within the client's Config.xml, or are you using a hostname (machine name, website, etc.)? Also, your error log information between the server and client appears to be out of sync. The error trace from the Server log is on 7-23, while the error from the client log is 7-21. In my experience with other web application/services (such as IIS), the forcibly closed by the remote host typically means a user has exited the application from client side by a method that does not allow the connection to close properly. Maybe someone on the forums with a little more knowledge can step in.
  12. nice, although I think its clear no one can use them, their licensed as far as I am aware :/
  13. The first version of Netplay Diamond is now available! Read the Readme file to learn how to make the work server. The project language can be easily changed in the Vocab script.
  14. Tiles And Sprites are PMXP Based! Download Link:
  15. You can change the font with this: Pretty sure none have changed it, so you will have to change them by yourself.
  16. Hello! I need a little help, does anyone have any font style other than the default intersect?
  17. Hello! I haven't posted in a while. I've got a strange problem. I've got classes and stuff,but it doesn't let me select any,like it doesn't have. Help me please Thanks in advance. P.S - Don't mind the logo,it was just a test. i will remove it. Here is the error log
  18. Agora o editor de Itens. Em sua interface básica Temos: Agora vamos trabalhar por Seções com relação ao Tipo do Item. Tendo abordado todas as seções aqui, obrigado pela leitura. Perguntas e Críticas sintam-se livres.
  19. WIP

    I already add it in my road map but it will not be in the pre-alpha or in alpha 1. Edit: The cave tileset's under the East district is finished and first cave mapping is done. You can see the screen on the forst post.
  20. I just thought this was too wacky not to share here, too... found old instances of the game on a flash drive. So, here's Age of the Four Clans ~2 years ago: And here it is, now: Stick with your projects. You never know where they're going to be in just a few months' time. This is actually the third instance of re-creating this game (fourth, if you count the 3D instance I never did get off the ground) so yeah, been a long ride, but a fun one.
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    Aw , lol . New feature added : Donation ! Too lazy to farm and find unique items , waiting for bosses to respawn and wasting time to kill them ? Then this system is for you . Ask the goddess " Yubiwa " about a random unique item but wait , that's not free , because this godess isn't giving things just like that . You must have donated a lot of times with the game's currency to gain enough Donation points which will allow you to get your random unique item , but the item's value depends on how much you have donated but it stills unique . Screenshots :
  22. WIP

    Hey , @Gibier , shenron's wishes system can be done using variables and switches , are you going to add it ?
  23. WIP

    Awesome bro! And whatever you wanna do is perfectly fine with me and still love the idea of you doing it in a new engine - Intersect! Thats amazing and sweet! You might wanna do like what i'm doing as well. To obtain some Dragonballs, it will require you to do raids Single or Party, and you going to have to fight a lot of enemies during that raid. Also if you want you can also do a Character Change Shop so players can change there characters by spending Zenni or Donation Currency like I am for unique characters like GT Kid Goku or Black Goku. I'm have a lot more characters in the rare selection. I also will allow people to ask shenron for Dragon Coins to get that character without donating as well. But just saying some ideas im doing to maybe give you some. Whatever you choose to do is still awesome.
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