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IBM's Partnership Story


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So, the company i work for, NeuroInitiative, just had a story published about us from IBM.
We have a partnership with IBM for cloud computing to provide us with big servers for our computational bioresearch with our simulation software.



Our company is fun to follow to see how simulation research changes the therapeutic industry.
Here's our site:


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17 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Crest Gonna try your SEED thing

Edit: Awww you gotta request it ):

Edit2: Not on piratebay xD gonna have to go to a torrent forum for this shit :)) (Don't sue plz xD)

It's a private software and it's still still in development. You definitely won't find it there. Besides, even if you get it you need an account to run simulations on. Everything is run on our servers, that requires credentials and database access it'd be really hard to make a crack for our software.

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1 minute ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Crest You reckon they would accept harambe inc? xD btw out of a matter of interest and in no way for social engineering what is your full name? xD

Can you not fill out requests like that? These aren't things that get auto approved...
If you look at our team page, we're small and localized... seriously, don't try to fuck with anything we have enough on our plates this month then having to deal with clearing out garbage request data from our databases and emails.

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Very cool stuff.


“We’re very lucky to be able to use the latest and greatest in technology and science and, at the end of the day, help make an impact on human life,” adds Behrouz. “I don’t think it gets much better than this.”


Pretty much sums it up.



Everyones growing up *wipes tear from eye*

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