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Talking to NPCs



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@Agoraphobic has promised that he will make a massive eventing guide at some point. In lieu of that at the moment I'll sort of explain.


1. Open the map editor.

2. Click the events tab

3. Double click somewhere on the map to create your event.

4. Double click in the graphic box to give your event a sprite.

5. Setup your events movement options (random movement, slow movement/freq if you'd like)

6. In the big list on the right double click on the first row.

7. Click the Show Text command.

8. Enter your dialogue.

9. Add any further commands if desired.

10. Save your event.

11. Save your map.

12. Login to game and interact with the event via left-click or e.

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Yeah so NPCs and Events are different.


You cannot run event commands from normal NPCS. You can, however make part of your event spawn an NPC of the same name/sprite where the event is standing and then hide the event for some type of combat after dialogue if you'd like.

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