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Intersect Alpha 1.8 Released!


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Intersect Alpha 1.8 Released!

August 15th 2016



We now have:

Faster client load times. 

 Internal support to send/receive/save unicode characters to the database (this is the first step towards multi-language support)

A map list that doesn't reset after every small change.

An option to select the current map in the map list.

A map grid that remembers your lighting/preferences so all of your maps are consistent in day/night fog/not fog etc.

Resource layering is fixed.

Client maps no longer flash when walking around.

Pathfinding is back.

Linking maps via the map grid has a more intuitive interface.

You can zoom in and out of the map grid with + and -.

You can pan the map grid and map editor with WASD.

The "do you want to save this map?" dialog appears less, it is smarter about knowing when you've make changes and when you haven't

and a lot more!


The biggest change is now being able to see all surrounding maps and panning through them in the game editor:

You can see maps diagonally and jump to them too! You cannot edit adjacent maps yet -- maybe in a future update.


Map List Changes leave it in relatively the same state. Dragging maps to the top/bottom of the list now makes the list auto scroll.



When linking maps in the map grid, you are now given a much better list (with previews) for choosing which map you want to link:


and there is so much more! Give it a try!



Upgrade Instructions (Required for 1.7 Alpha users!)

1. Overwrite your current 1.7 installation with all of the 1.8 files below.

2. Run the Migration tool in the Server folder to upgrade your database! (Not shown in the video below!)

3. Delete the Intersect Editor/Resources/mapcache.db file. (Don't worry, it'll be regenerated.)

4. You are good to go!



Click here to visit the download page.

As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!

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