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3 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox you probably know more about this then me and I think it looks cool but won't it be hard to make paperdolls for the new base with how much the leg changes?

Not really, its just as hard as the small sprites. Same ammount of colours. Im just moving forward with bigger sprites (Season 2). Your more then welcome to use the old ones, as it may fit the style of your game. But I will no longer be working on them. So requests using Season 1's base will be denied.

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4 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox Reminds me of pokemon cards xD thnx for the info and in that case I will go remake my old stuff in the new base (:

Shouldn't be too hard!


I will be making clothes bases, so you can simply redraw over them or change the hue.

Will try to make a shirt, pants, shoes and afew hats (hopefully)

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6 minutes ago, Gahduvdeth said:

Well, currently, it's set as a 192x256 res, which seems to be a bit large (I've only ever seen/used 128x192).

All in all, it's still really good work, Fox! Keep it up! :D


I made it abit bigger so I have space to edit. like big ears or shorter/taller versions.

and thank you!

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