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4 minutes ago, Agoraphobic said:

Honestly, I could see making an entire game with these graphics. They are both unique and awesome. :o

Well thank you! I just hope they get put to good use <3


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1 hour ago, yeroC said:

Wow I love them, once you complete some more I'm sure to use them for some kind of project. Your missing a sword!!!

Ill make one soon! Im just fixing up some stuff, but Im super glad you like them!


Major fix

Please redownload, I have fixed the offset issue, facing left and right. Including all ragdolls. (Hope its less jaring when the player turns left and right now! <3)

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12 minutes ago, Zetasis said:

I made a sprite with your 16x24 base for fun. I don't know if I'll ever use it so I thought I would share it.




Looks really cool! With your permission ill add it to the front page! <3


I really dig the mohawk haha! <3

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Major update:

To stop front page spam, I have created a changelog on the front page, all updates will be listed there instead of constant posts and feed spam. (SORRY JC <3)


I will still respond to questions here and if you would like to submit artwork to help the project by all means go ahead! <3


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