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15 minutes ago, Cheshire said:

That's because locations are relative and unrelated to the editor. 


You'll probably need to make a ui file for every resolution if you want to guarantee it looks the same on all resolutions. 


I see! I guess I'll use the resolution I think is good and people will have to play with it? That works, kind of :D Thanks

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On 11/9/2022 at 4:54 PM, _Zano said:

Awesome tool! I did notice it seems to not recognize the AdminWindow json file (and a few others), maybe that was added after you created this tool? not a big deal, just letting you know! (222273cacf058480ed3b540cc3c5b5fe.png

It's because it's an old tool, so you'll only have option for the old stuff, not the newest

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7 hours ago, DJKNITEX said:

Would this enable me to make a GUI similar to old style Eclipse Origins/Silverdale? Like a box shaped VB6 client style lol. Something like this:



You probably could but there is no option in the json file for the game view so you would probably need to edit this in source. The characters are rendering at the center of the screen so with this edit your character wouldn't be centered anymore.

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So I made some changes to the hotbar but when I go to the client, I don't see the changes? I copied the whole gui folder back and the changes are not visible. Am I missing a step?


I'm assuming cause it's old because I ended up using different numbers in the actual json file and it worked out that way lol

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